You Are Full of Possibilities {+ Free Printable!}

Ask anyone what their fears are, and why they’re afraid and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. But in the end, if you dig deep enough, most of those fears have a core common misbelief.

Are you scared of failure? Do you procrastinate putting your art into the world because you fear rejection? Do you not give it your all because you’re scared you may not be able to handle the success? Do you fear being broke?

If you look closely at these fears, you may notice a common thread. They all potentially stem from the belief that you aren’t good enough.

…but you are.

You are good enough, because you are whole.

You are perfect just the way you are.

In fact, you are full of infinite possibilities.

So stop focusing on the one question, “What if I fail?” or “What will go wrong?

And ask yourself, “What if I succeed? What if this is what I am meant to do?

Can you really sit back and ignore those callings if these possibilities exist?

Go forth and reach for those dreams. Believe in yourself. Only then will you be living your life, whether you succeed or not.

As a gift for you today, I have created the above image as a free printable download. Click HERE to download it, and display it as a reminder that you are full of possibilities!

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  1. Hi Krystal! I did something that was a step toward my “BIG” goal 2 weekends ago……….I attended a conference in Texas (I am from PA) all by myself. I’ve NEVER done anything like that before – it was SO empowering! No link to share, just my triumph!

  2. I can’t believe it!! You must be reading my mind, the thoughts you have expressed in todays message are exactly my thoughts and fears.
    I printed out the download and hung near my computer, now I will spend the day creating my jewelry and work on the courage to put it in the Art Gallery we have here at our complex. I am good enough and you helped me convince myself of that!
    Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks for your post Kristal! I’m supposed to post my artwork as well on my blog but I rarely do. I’m always posting my husband’s basketry craft and other things that happen in our lives living as artists. It’s so hard to post my work! I’ve bookmarked your post for future reference to kick me in the butt!
    Lynne, a.k.a., thebasketmakerswife

  4. Beautiful Reminder, thank you so much. So true!

  5. Thanks for inutidrcong a little rationality into this debate.

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