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Do you feel that what you are making is a disappointment to you sometimes? If you are just starting the journey to become a “creative”, or you are entering a new world of mediums, you may feel frustrated that you cannot produce the art that you are envisioning. But what you should know is that this is totally normal. ALL of the artists you admire went through this stage. You just need to keep at it, don’t quit, and push yourself to work on what you are pursuing everyday. And in time you will close that gap between what you are envisioning and what you are creating. Watch this two minute video to hear it explained beautifully by Ira Glass. (Although he is speaking of storytelling, it is the same theory for any craft.)

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  1. Great video. I can really relate to what he is saying.:)

    • So true…too many times I have quit, lack of self confidence, thinking this isn’t for me even though I love it!! Why can’t mine look like theirs?? I love prim crafting…and what I love about it, is that I can make it mine. It isn’t like going by a pattern, such as a curtain, clothing and that if I screw it up, it will be a mess. I love the prim look, the decorating, the warm feeling that it gives my home. However, I see others and think WOW…why can’t mine look like that…well, they have been doing this type of craft for years and so many times I have been told this….so very true.

      • Exactly. You just have to keep at it, and focus on yourself, not what others are doing. Because everyone is different first of all; and second, if you are a beginner, you will just discourage yourself by comparing yourself with experts. But if you keep at it, eventually you will become an expert too :)

  2. Really wonderful true.

  3. What he’s saying in this video is a GREAT encouragement. I’m going to HAVE to share it with friends!

  4. God bless you, Ira. What an encouraging speech. I really like what he said about having good taste and eventually being able to close the gap between what you envision and what you create.

  5. Elizabeth LeJeune says:

    Oh! I love this so much!! Thanks for sharing!


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