How Art Journaling Saved My Life {and what it can do for you}

Okay, so maybe claiming that art journaling “saved my life” is a bit of an over statement. Unless you’re like me and consider being a slave to the daily grind day in and day out isn't really living at all. Then you may just understand where this might be going and perhaps are in need of a little saving yourself.

You see, not too long ago I found myself feeling utterly lost.

I felt depressed and empty, almost like a walking ghost.

Feeling Down

But I had everything I could want... a loving family, a supporting husband, and even a successful business selling my primitive art.

As a business owner, I spent my days crafting and creating. People loved my creations; I was featured online, in magazines, and even on TV.

You could say I was living the dream.

Yet, as my business success grew, a part of my spirit began to feel deflated.

After much self-reflection, I realized that while I was creating, I was not creating freely. Art had begun to become a part of my daily grind.

Before my eyes, that which I once cherished had turned into another 9-5 job.

By creating the same items over and over again I was filling the customer demand, but depleting my spiritual supply in the process. I was on auto pilot; not only with my work, but in my personal life as well. I knew I needed to alleviate that suffocation before things fell apart.

So I quit.

I quit my business and embarked on a self discovery journey determined to reclaim myself and find the freedom I so desperately needed.

After a time of aimless wandering, I decided to jump-start the journey with a 30 day challenge which I dubbed “Busy Mom VS Daily Grind”. It was then that I finally delved deeper into art journaling and in time discovered its true gifts.

And that’s when everything turned around.

I started to eagerly anticipate each new day.

I felt alive and more in tune to my surroundings.

I was rediscovering parts of me that I didn't even realize I had lost.

Through art journaling, I was able to unearth my most authentic self. She who had hidden behind the mask of the expected for far too long.


I'm now living a happier more fulfilling life with more clarity and self awareness.

My outlook on life has changed.

I have less stress and can discover my true inner feelings easier.

I'm not caught up with the daily "9-5 rut" anymore; I'm living life with open eyes and creating art I never imagined was within my power.

I've come to see how infusing creativity into our daily lives is therapeutic in so many ways. Once I recognized it in my own life, I became deeply cognizant of it in other people’s lives as well.

I couldn't deny the call.

It’s what has ultimately inspired me to make it my life’s mission to help other women wake up from the slumber of the daily grind. To unearth their creative spirit, discover their authentic voice and embrace their heart's path; allowing them to live happier, more fulfilling lives through expression of creativity.

And I believe it all begins with art journaling. A place where no rules exist; where you can let loose and free your most inner desires, callings, and truth.

Are you ready for this amazing journey?

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Art Journaling 101 – Why Art Journal?

Art Journaling 101 - a FREE e-course designed to gently introduce beginners to the basics of art journaling so you can find your way with more ease and less fearThis article is part of my FREE e-course Art Journaling 101 – which has been designed to gently introduce beginners to the basics of art journaling so you can find your way with more ease and less fear. If you’re curious about art journaling or overwhelmed with how to begin, sign up for the full free course HERE.

For many, art journaling is more than just putting color and words to paper. I have found art journaling to be a very spiritual practice, and it’s something that I hold close to heart in my life; so I wanted to share with you a short, fun video which sums up why I art journal and why I believe you should too… 

(click here if you can’t view the video)

I believe that art journaling is the number one way to set your creative spirit free and (re)connect with your Soul. It allows you to express yourself and experiment with your creativity in a personal, safe environment where no rules exist.

Once you get past the initial fear of the blank page staring back at you (yes, I will be covering that in a later lesson!) you’ll be able to spill open and create with such freedom that it allows you to find the clarity and self awareness you didn’t even know you were searching for.

It helps you to exercise your creative muscles without fear of ruining a canvas or other expensive mediums you may work with. Art journaling allows you to experiment with your creativity in a way that never inhibits you. It gives you permission to play and make mistakes. It is such an inexpensive, quick activity that it becomes the perfect tool for keeping your creativity flowing.

And as I’ve said before, art journaling for me is like a meditative practice; as I’m sure it is for many others as well. I get lost in it, completely engrossed in it. In a way, journaling makes time stand still. It stops your “monkey mind” and forces you to focus on what you’re doing. It’s an amazing experience to get lost in.

Over the years, art journaling has become more and more an important part of my life. I have found it to be the only dedicated ME time that I can muster up, and it has become essential to my happiness in this busy bustling life!


Why do you art journal (or want to)? Please share it with us in the comments.

My video was inspired by Junelle’s “Why Art Journal?” video.
This “Creative Journaling” video is also amazingly inspiring!

The World is Ready for You

Did you ever as a kid wish that you were from another time period? I know I did. Ah the Renaissance period where art was considered more than just a craft.  But these days, I’m realizing that right here and now is the absolute best time in history to be a creative soul, and I’m lucky to be living in it.

Do you realize what is happening?  We’ve been coming into a new age. An age that is ideal for us creative types, and its oh so exciting!  

“The last few decades have belonged to a certain kind of person with a certain kind of mind – computer programmers who could crank code, lawyers who could craft contracts, MBAs who could crunch numbers.

But the keys to the kingdom are changing hands. The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind – creators and empathizers, pattern recognizers, and meaning makers.” ~Daniel H. Pink

The keys to the kingdom are changing handsThe above quote is from a book called “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future”, which Pink wrote in 2005. He saw it coming long before any of us did.

The world has evolved from the Agricultural Age, to the Industrial Age, to the Information Age, and now (finally!) to the Conceptual Age.

We can thank the internet, and all of the other technologies that have connected us all for this wondeful new creativity age.

Because with these new technologies, we have the opportunity to share with the world our creative side. And because with it, there’s nothing special and exciting about manipulating information anymore.

Bye bye Information Age. Hello New World!

Many individuals and big business are ripping their hair out over this big change though. People are losing their jobs, businesses are going bankrupt. Its a scary time.

Everything we ever knew about business and marketing is getting thrown out the window. One by one the internet is destroying old industries. It began with the music industry, then continued on to the movie industry. And now, publishers have a reason to be really scared.

The rules that these business were built on, don’t apply anymore; so they’re getting out-dated and in turn new, more innovative industries are moving in.

But for some of us, this new conceptual age is starting to excite us and light up our lives. Its a chance to tear up that rule book and find new ways of creating and doing business. 

The ability to be a creative thinker is becoming your biggest asset.

So what does this mean for us creative women? It means that THIS is the best time in all of history to stand up, declare your passions, and make a living from it! Its time for you to stop making those excuses and get your art into the world. 

The world is ready and waiting for you. Are you ready?

The Big Q: WHY?

Why creativity? Why would you want to be creative? What is the big deal?

Every creative has their own answers to these questions. If you don’t have your own answers yet, know that in time you will. My answer is simple. Its because I believe that creativity is an essential ingredient to living a happy life. Creativity is known to relieve stress, relax you, and to help you discover your true self + inner feelings. If that doesn’t help you to be more happy in life, then I don’t know what will.


What drives you to be creative? Why do you want to be a creative person? Leave a comment below!

What is Creativity & Why is it Important?

When faced with the word “creativity”, most people tend to start thinking of famous artists like Picasso or Andy Warhol, or perhaps they think of famous writers, poets, or even John Lennon or another musician they admire. But creativity is really just a human trait that we all posses, so why not think of ourselves, or the people around us?

Over the years, the definition of creativity has gotten a little distorted. Those that weren’t encouraged to foster their creativity as a child have come to believe that it is a mysterious quality that only some posses. But in reality, having creativity simply means you are able to bring your ideas to life. Its about imagining something, then figuring out how to make it real. Everyone has ideas. Sit back and think – I’m sure you can bring back a few ideas you’ve had in the past. Now all you have to do is find the ambition, knowledge, and tools you need to bring it to life. That my friend is creativity.

“We’ve become narrow in the way we think about creativity,” observes Teresa Amabile, a psychologist at Brandeis University, MA. “We tend to think of it as rarefied: artists, musicians, poets. But the cook in her kitchen is showing creativity when she invents a variation on a recipe.” Creativity can be as broad as finding a new way to get your child to do their chores, or creating a new solution to fit all those tools on that tiny shelf to as narrow as painting a picture in oils or writing a symphony.

The world is not divided between creative people and uncreative people.

If there is a divide, its between those who nurture their creativity and those who are suppressing it. Creativity is the essence of everything we do, its in our nature. People are creating everyday whether you are aware of it or not. Look around you. Everything you see… your home, the styles you wear, the food you eat, the tools or electronics you use… everything has been created as a direct result of creativity.

Creativity is a gift to us all. It gives us the ability to change the world we live in, and it allows us to express who we are. So you shouldn’t be asking, “Am I creative?” because we are all inherently creative. What you should be asking, is “What inspires or motivates me to create?”.