{Creative} Soul Truths #5

You already have everything you need. Your authentic Soul voice is bright, beautiful, and patently waiting to freely express itself.

Its quiet voice is always speaking to you, through what we call intuition, even if you can’t quite hear it now. We all have intuition… it’s our inner knowing, or what I like to call the language of our Soul. It’s the part of you that speaks the truth about who you are and what you want. So basically, it’s your life road map to living your purpose, and your most fulfilled, joyful life!

If we get present and follow its urges when we sit down to create, we will develop an art journaling practice that can ultimately bring us more confidence, happiness, self-awareness, healing, and a newfound sense of wholeness.

If doing that feels impossible for you right now, then for one reason or another, your mind is trying to protect you from letting your creative spirit free, from letting your intuitive Soul lead the way. (You’re not alone! It’s a totally natural part of being human.) The key then, is to go gently, with compassion, and start to build trust between your mind and your intuitive Soul.

Your mind is so used to being in control and predicting outcomes. For us to truly get present and follow our Soul’s whims one step at a time, means to step into the scary unknown. That place of unknowing, of uncertainty, can feel dark and filled with monsters. We will hold on for dear life and fight tooth and nail not to be thrown off the edge into that scary space!

So the only way in, is to start slow, start gently, hold that compassion for the part of you that’s scared sh**less, celebrate yourself every step of the way, and build trust that when you listen to your intuition, everything will indeed be okay.

TIP: Practice being present and becoming an observer of your thoughts. When fears or judgements come up, acknowledge it without running away, then choose courage – what one step are you willing to take next?

I so hope that you have found this Soul Truths series to be helpful and inspiring!

If you would love to get more support around connecting to and building trust with your creative, intuitive Soul so that you may express yourself more fully in your journal (and in life!), then I invite you to join me and a community of other Soul Seekers in my 6-week program Creative Soul Roots. (We start Sept 28th, 2019!)

In it, I’ll guide you through a series of fun, creative exercises that will help you to put these Soul Truths into action, nurture your creative Soul, and develop the skills needed to get out of your head and into your heart.
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Whether you decide to join us or not, I know for certain that if you’re here, then creative expression is the path you were meant to take to help liberate your Soul. I know you can do this, don’t give up!

Much love to you!!

The Joy, Freedom, & True Expression You Desire from Creativity Is Closer Than You Think

I have heard from way too many people that even though they know how much art journaling can benefit and impact their lives, they still struggle with the fear of messing things up, letting loose, not feeling good enough, finding joy in the process, or just not being able to start at all. Sound familiar?

And if you’re anything like me when I first started exploring the world of art journaling, you’ve probably put in hundreds of hours watching YouTube videos, bought all the “right” supplies, poured over your beautiful magazines and “how-to” books, and perhaps even taken a few art classes… and yet, you’re still feeling stuck. Now what?

What if… you were able to find everything you ever needed, right inside of you?

You already have everything you need. Your authentic Soul voice is bright, beautiful, and patently waiting to freely express itself.

So why does it feel so damn hard?

Look, I know all too well how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of art journaling – buying all the new products, delving into the infinite possibilities of techniques, and exploring how other people approach their journal. I mean, ‘come on, it’s total eye candy, I love it too!!

But when we get caught up in all of that, we’re caught in our head. And we can’t access our heart or intuition, where authentic expression truly lies. Pile on our social conditioning to rely more on our logical “left brain”, and now we’re really stuck.

Let’s face it, the last thing you need is another tutorial or more art supplies. Save those for when you can really use them. For now? I’ve got a free mini series coming up that just might help.

To support you in getting moving on this path toward authentic expression, and in celebration of my yearly class Creative Soul Roots that’s starting soon, I’ll be sharing a series of Soul-Truths that will help you get clear on why you’ve been feeling stuck, and inspiration to start trusting in your Creative Soul once more.

So if you’ve been yearning to express yourself freely in an art journal, but still feeling stuck, not good enough, not knowing where to start, or just not able to find joy in the process, sign up below for this free mini series which starts Monday, Sept 18th.

Sorry, the Soul Truths series has now ended. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter below to get notified when I run the series again!

Much love to you!!

Everything You Need is Within

As you saw in my story, and as so many of you have experienced for yourself, it’s easy get caught up in the excitement of art journaling – buying all the new products, delving into the infinite possibilities of techniques, and exploring how other people approach their journal.

But art journaling doesn’t actually require those things…it’s simply a container, a method, to help you reconnect with yourself.

Don’t get me wrong: I also love exploring with new techniques and learning from other artists; but only when I’m looking to expand my artistic skills, not when I’m stuck in my head, worrying about how my journal should look.

We lose sight of the fact that everything we need to create meaningful art journal pages is right within us.
(tweet that!)

Everything you need is already within YOU.

By looking within for the answers instead of outwardly, you create a safe environment to express a reflection of who you really are.

The key is getting clear about your intention.

What is it that you want?

Do you desire a tool to help you dig deeper into your soul?

Are you ready to create an art journaling practice that will help you playfully reconnect with your true creative self?

If so, then the first step is to shift your mindset when you approach your journal. By bringing out your playful self, looking within, and creating a safe environment for expression, you are building a solid foundation for a transformative art journaling practice that can potentially change your life – which is exactly what I guide women do in my e-course ROOTS.

It all begins with that simple shift of how you view your journal, and trusting you already have everything you need.

With that shift, you’ll be able to tap into deeper parts of who you truly are. That’s when the magic happens: Your journal becomes a tool for self-discovery.

So, what is one belief that you have about your journal that you can shift today to help you view it in a new light?

Perhaps it’s a belief that every page has to be beautiful. Or that you have to finish a page when you begin it. Maybe it’s belief about needing the latest supplies before you can start journaling at all. Choose one, and re-write it. Then be sure to share it with us in the comments below.

“I Want to be Creative… Now What?”

Whether you are new to being creative, or you just want more creativity in your life, you may be wondering just how to start. While there is no one right answer, I can offer a few tips on how to get your gears moving. Here are my top 5 tips to starting a creative journey...

#1. Start by making the choice. You need to actively choose to be creative, and tell yourself "I am creative" or "I choose to exercise my creativity". Your mind may doubt you here, but keep telling yourself you're willing to learn and grow. "I choose creativity!" Tell it to yourself, doodle it, write it, and say it... over and over. Eventually your mind will give up the fight and start getting curious about it.

#2. I know I may sound like a broken record here... but start a journal! Use it to write + clear your mind, to sketch, doodle, scribble, and experiment with different art mediums. You can read my top 5 tips for Journaling HERE. Be sure to carry it with you everywhere and use it when you're bored waiting in line, sitting at the Dr's office, on your break at work, etc.

#3. Along with your journal, you should also carry around a digital camera. Even if your true passion isn't photography, taking photos really helps you see the world in a creative light. You may already carry it to family events and outings to take quick shots of the family, but now you should also think about the scenery around you. Start noticing the beauty in everyday life, and photograph it

Did you notice all the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes of all the fruits + veggis at the market? Have you ever noticed how warm the sun shines through your window in the morning? Take note of these simple beauties and document it. Try using the macro setting (this setting is usually a flower icon) on your camera with the flash off, and get up close to what you're photographing. Its amazing how different things look up close through the lens of a camera!

#4. Keep your mind in creative mode all day long. At first, you will have to consciously make an effort to do this, but using your right brain more throughout the day makes it easier to transition from daily activities to creating something in the "studio". Following my first three tips above will help you do this. Some other ideas to inject creativity in your everyday life is to experiment with your cooking, seek different answers to the challenges in front of you, make up stories about the people around you when you're waiting in line, or doodle around your "to do" list. Also, be sure to subscribe to my museletter for more inspiration!

#5. Search for + pursue your passions. If you're not sure what your passion is, start exploring. Try different crafts and mediums, watch videos on youtube of other artists at work, browse photos, or talk with other artists. What do you enjoy looking at? What draws you in? If you think you're interested in a craft that is expensive to start, see if you can find a class that provides the materials, or go to a demonstration and speak with the artist. Just get yourself out there and expose yourself to a variety of creative outlets to see what you may be interested in.

If you already know what you wish you could do, then just do it! Experiment, learn from failure, then experiment again. Have you always wanted to draw, but think you can't? Then grab a journal and start drawing - EVERYDAY. Do you think other artists always knew how to draw like that? No - they just enjoyed it, so they did it for years until they got good at it. Same thing applies to painting, writing, sculpting, sewing, baking, gardening or anything else in life. It all takes practice to get good at it! Art + creativity is not an exception.

I hope these tips will help you get on the path of a new creative journey, and to pursue your passions. There's nothing stopping you but yourself! 

Do you have any other tips for starting a new creative journey? What have you always wished you could do? Leave a comment below!