Mandala Fun!

Mandalas have been on my mind a lot lately. They’re so much fun to make, and really bring me to a place of quiet contentment. Have you ever made one before? If not, you should give it a try – you may just find yourself with another healthy addiction. ;0)

Take a peek into my latest sketchbook page where I create a flower mandala:

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Roots Art Journal Flip Through!

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In this video, I share a few pages in my journal to give you an idea of what we create in my e-course ROOTS. But every journal is different, as unique as its creator, and this is what I encourage in the course. I guide you in creating a journal for yourself, but don’t limit you in terms of what that will look like.

My belief is that the more you can play, experiment, and do this for yourself (instead of doing it to show others), the more powerful it will be for you. Art journaling can be an amazing tool to develop a deeper connection with your true creative self, and allow more clarity, happiness, and self awareness into your life. My hope is that ROOTS gives you the tools and the foundation to develop this type of transformative art journaling practice.

Art Journaling ROOTS e-courseI’ll be teaching Roots for the last time this February! In this 7-week online e-course, you’ll develop your own transformative art journaling practice as we let go of comparison and open ourselves up for self-exploration. Want to learn more about the class or see some pages by past students? Check out the information page HERE. I hope you’ll join us!

Stamp Carving is Quick, Easy and Fun… I’ll prove it!

Do you think stamp carving is difficult or too time intensive? Or perhaps you think you can’t carve your own stamps because you don’t know how to draw? Well, in today’s video I’m here to prove otherwise! Watch as I create three finished projects and seven hand-carved stamps all under two hours… no drawing skills required!

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As you can see, if you use simple shapes, photographs, textures, numbers, or letters, you can create fun easy stamps to enhance your artwork without the need to know how to draw!

Ready to begin this fun, amazing journey of carving your own stamps? Grab your copy of my Stamp Carving 101 interactive pack before I have to pull it from the “shelves” on May 1st.

Also, be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a free copy! There’s only three days left to enter (ends April 18, 2013). Oh and no worries, I’ll refund your purchase if you win!

Art Journal Evolution – Watercolor Stamping

I love experimental play, and today I’m sharing the journey with you as I explore stamping with watercolors. I hope it inspires you to do a little experimenting of your own today!

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Time to Fly Evolution Video

After getting a few new art supplies with my Christmas gift certificate, I was inspired to play in my art journal. Watch the video to join me on the journey to discovering how subconscious thoughts always seem to seep out into your art.

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Supplies used:

PS To keep the video length down, I edited out the clip of me embossing the key. I’ll be sharing it on my facebook page tomorrow, so be sure to Like my page if you want to take a look!