In Dreams Awake

I hope all of you mamas out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Even though our weekend was a little busy, we snuck in a few quiet moments at the beach just to relax. It was so beautiful out, we just had to!

Me and baby Juliette

It’s so amazing to be living close enough to the ocean to just “pop by” for a visit. Hubby and I are truly living one of our dreams.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder why it takes so long to get to points like this, when you are finally living one of your dreams. Because most times, its just yourself that is holding you back from living your true life. Why do we do this to ourselves?

We could have written a book of reasons why we shouldn’t make such a big change and move so far away from our home town. But the reality was, there was nothing stopping us. I’m glad we were able to realize that and move past our fears to make the move. We’ve been living a dream of beauty, peace, and inspiration; living closer to nature and meeting new people with values more in tune to our own… and it all outweighs by a ton any negative thoughts or fears we had for moving.

Sometimes you just need to push past your fears and go for your dream. Because when paralyzed by fear, its hard to imagine the positive outcomes or possibilities that are awaiting you. 

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” ~Henry David Thoreau 

Have you ever went for a dream and truly lived it?  

“I Want to be Creative… Now What?”

Whether you are new to being creative, or you just want more creativity in your life, you may be wondering just how to start. While there is no one right answer, I can offer a few tips on how to get your gears moving. Here are my top 5 tips to starting a creative journey…

#1. Start by making the choice. You need to actively choose to be creative, and tell yourself “I am creative”. Your mind will want to contradict you here, but ignore that inner critic and keep telling yourself “I am creative”. Tell it to yourself, doodle it, write it, and say it… over and over. Eventually your mind will give up the fight and start acting like it.

#2. I know I may sound like a broken record here… but start a journal! Use it to write + clear your mind, to sketch, doodle, scribble, and experiment with different art mediums. You can read my top 5 tips for Journaling HERE. Be sure to carry it with you everywhere and use it when you’re bored waiting in line, sitting at the Dr’s office, on your break at work, etc.

#3. Along with your journal, you should also carry around a digital camera. Even if your true passion isn’t photography, taking photos really helps you see the world in a creative light. You may already carry it to family events and outings to take quick shots of the family, but now you should also think about the scenery around you. Start noticing the beauty in everyday life, and photograph it

Did you notice all the beautiful colors, textures, and shapes of all the fruits + veggis at the market? Have you ever noticed how warm the sun shines through your window in the morning? Take note of these simple beauties and document it. Try using the macro setting (this setting is usually a flower icon) on your camera with the flash off, and get up close to what you’re photographing. Its amazing how different things look up close through the lens of a camera!

#4. Keep your mind in creative mode all day long. At first, you will have to consciously make an effort to do this, but using your right brain more throughout the day makes it easier to transition from daily activities to creating something in the “studio”. Following my first three tips above will help you do this. Some other ideas to inject creativity in your everyday life is to experiment with your cooking, seek different answers to the challenges in front of you, make up stories about the people around you when you’re waiting in line, or doodle around your “to do” list. Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog and try out my creative exercises that I post!

#5. Search for + pursue your passions. If you’re not sure what your passion is, start exploring. Try different crafts and mediums, watch videos on youtube of other artists at work, browse photos, or talk with other artists. What do you enjoy looking at? What draws you in? If you think you’re interested in a craft that is expensive to start, see if you can find a class that provides the materials, or go to a demonstration and speak with the artist. Just get yourself out there and expose yourself to a variety of creative outlets to see what you may be interested in.

If you already know what you wish you could do, then just do it! Experiment, learn from failure, then experiment again. Have you always wanted to draw, but think you can’t? Then grab a journal and start drawing – EVERYDAY. Do you think other artists always knew how to draw like that? No – they just enjoyed it, so they did it for years until they got good at it. Same thing applies to painting, writing, sculpting, sewing, baking, gardening or anything else in life. It all takes practice to get good at it! Art + creativity is not an exception.

I hope these tips will help you get on the path of a new creative journey, and to pursue your passions. There’s nothing stopping you but yourself! 

Do you have any other tips for starting a new creative journey? What have you always wished you could do? Leave a comment below!