How I Found Freedom in my Art Journal

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I believe in sharing our stories because they can be so powerful in helping others see parts of themselves in them. Which is why I decided to share my own story in how I came to develop my transformative art journaling practice. I know you’ll be able to relate to at least one part of my journey; and my hope is that my story will inspire you to find your own path in art journaling instead of getting stuck comparing yourself to others.

Hear my story, then share yours below. Where are you in your own journey? Have you found yourself stuck in a similar research trap? Or perhaps you’ve started already but aren’t so happy with your results.

Tell us your story in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear it, and you never know who else will benefit from what you have to share.

Art Journaling Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

We tend to over complicate things… especially when we want to learn something new. We compare our work with others’ masterpieces and quickly feel disillusioned.

Our over-achieving, critical side kicks in, telling us we have to buy the best art materials and write down perfect, inspirational phrases in our journal.

We squash the fun-loving, curious part of ourselves that just wants to create and play with child-like freedom. The part of us that laughs, splashing paint on the page.

Art journaling doesn't have to be so hard

There’s no real need to over-think.

Art journaling can be as simple as giving yourself the freedom to unload your feelings, to fully express yourself.

You don’t need to master the arts to enjoy and benefit from art journaling.

Imagine using your journal as a daily practice of learning to let go.

Imagine releasing the need to compare yourself to others.

Imagine embracing your inner artist and being kind to her, rejoicing in your creative process, without worrying about the end product.


Do it for yourself.

And just begin where you are with what you have today.

Why make it more complicated than that?

This is NOT What Art Journaling is All About…

It’s so easy to get lost in the glamour of the art journaling world, browsing through blogs, watching YouTube videos, flipping through gorgeous magazines, and buying the latest products… that we forget what art journaling is really all about.

This is Not What Art Journaling is About

Art journaling has a deeper purpose. It’s not about the supplies you use or the techniques you learn…

It’s about the connection you make with yourself through the process of journaling.

It’s about growth, trust, and self-compassion.

It’s about exploring and finding your own path.

It’s about opening up for self-exploration.

It’s about believing in yourself.

Are you ready to make that shift in focus and give up comparing your journal pages to others’ so that you may discover your own style?

Press pause on those YouTube videos, hit cancel on that shopping cart, and open up your journal right now!

Wishing you continued inspiration,

Art Journaling 101 – A Note About “Ugly” Pages

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You’re bound to get a few “ugly” pages in your art journal, but that’s okay. Because art journaling should be for you, it should be about the process to work through your emotions or letting the art flow through you. You’ll have good days and bad days, you’ll produce beautiful pages and ugly pages. Just enjoy the process.

But if there’s a page you really want to make better, don’t give up on it. Keep the parts you do like, and layer over the areas you don’t like.

Layering is AWESOME! There’s no other way to put it… it adds so much rich texture, colors, and depth. You could use gesso, paint, collage, or anything you can come up with to add more layers. Just keep layering over the areas you don’t like, keeping the areas that you do like, and eventually it should result into something you love.

But don’t be afraid to just let an ugly page go. There’s no possible way for all of your art journal pages to be absolutely beautiful. (Even if you think someone else’s pages are all gorgeous, I’m sure the artist has a few they just hate!) Just let your mood or intuition decide whether its something you want to keep working on, or if you should just let it go.  

Safe Haven Art JournalingDoes the fear of creating “ugly” art in your journal hold you back from fully expressing yourself?

Then join me in “Safe Haven Art Journaling” to talk about setting boundaries and building sacred space in our journals – so that we can begin to see it as a safe haven to fully show up as our raw, messy, beautiful selves.

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Art Journaling 101 – Make It Your Own

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I just want to remind you today that everyone is unique, and there is no right or wrong way to art journal. When taking a course online like this one, don’t take the lessons literally  and don’t try to replicate the artists’ work. Try putting your own spin on things. Make it your own. Make it personal. Everyone is uniquely different, embrace the ways in which you and your art are different. Keep experimenting, keep playing, keep doing your own thing, and eventually more and more your voice is going to come through onto the page. It will become uniquely you, a reflection of you who are, and nobody will ever be able to replicate that.