Time to Fly Evolution Video

After getting a few new art supplies with my Christmas gift certificate, I was inspired to play in my art journal. Watch the video to join me on the journey to discovering how subconscious thoughts always seem to seep out into your art.

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Supplies used:

PS To keep the video length down, I edited out the clip of me embossing the key. I’ll be sharing it on my facebook page tomorrow, so be sure to Like my page if you want to take a look!


Art Journal Page Evolution + Winners!

[youtube]http://youtu.be/ggkx1DsKIJk[/youtube] (click here if you can’t view the video)

First of all, I want to give a BIG thank you to everyone who has commented for the giveaway. You all are amazing, I loved reading each and every one! I just wish I had the time to reply to them all, but that would take forever and then I wouldn’t be able to share more with you. lol Your support has been incredible, I appreciate it!

I really wish I could give you all a copy of the book, but obviously that would be impossible. BUT, you girls are in luck… I mentioned a slight damage to my book, and received a replacement… since I don’t mind my book being slightly banged up, I decided to give my replacement to a second lucky winner! So, without further adieu, I’d like to announce the TWO lucky winners for the book “Journal It!” by Jenny Doh….

Susan Daniel and Denise Herman!

Congratulations girls! I’ll be in touch soon to make sure it gets to you asap. :)

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So, on to more fun stuff… before heading back into the Art Journaling 101 course, I decided to share with you another art journal page evolution. This was another page that I had worked on during the storm. I disputed with myself as to whether or not to share it publicly since it was a very personal experience for me to create it. But I had the images, I love the way it turned out, and its a perfect example on how art journaling can help you work through emotions.  

Having all three girls at home, stuck in the house for a full week, was starting to take its toll on me. My five year old in particular was starting to irritate me more and more with her bursts of tears and tantrums that is oh so typical at her age. I grabbed my journal and vented. It sat for a day, then I decided to start painting over it. Below, you see me adding a wash of white over the words. 

I then glued down two pieces of a paper doily with my soft gel medium.

Next I added some green paint mixed with a little white.

…and then some pink.

Feeling my aggravation for my daughter starting to fade, I decided to paint some white clouds along the top.

Before starting my page, I had dug through my bin of ephemera. These two images jumped out at me, they were a perfect representation of the two sides to my daughter. Here, I was finally ready to glue them down with soft gel medium, although I had no idea how I was going to make them feel a part of the page! 

I used black paint to messily outline the angel photo. Then, with watered down white paint, I went over the angel’s wings and extended them beyond the image.

I was stuck for a while at this point. I wasn’t sure how to pull everything together. Finally, the flower in the crying girl’s hair inspired me to paint some larger ones. I used Golden fluid acrylic in the color Indian Yellow Hue. It has a great transparency to it, so the background shows through beautifully. I put the paint on more heavily toward the outer edges to give it a slight shaded effect. I added a bit of watered down red in the center, then outlined everything in black.

I kept looking at that cute crying girl, so I wanted to create some “tears” on the page. (Not to mention I have a thing for drippy messy paint!) So I piled on some black paint below the angel photo and sprayed it with a bit of water to make it drip. I then decided it needed more drips in the corner to balance it out. I also splattered some paint here and there… although I panicked at one point wishing I hadn’t done so much splattering! I tried to wipe it off a bit.

Art journaling always soothes me, and brings me back to my center. I felt great at this point, but a little regretful for having gotten so upset and annoyed with my daughter. She’s only five after all, and is trying to learn how to work through her own emotions. I felt a big softness for her… I wanted to say something on the page to help me remember this experience. So with green paint (and outlined later in pen), I wrote “Sometimes its hard to remember there’s a sweet angel under all those tears.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my process!

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Art Journaling 101 – Layering

So, we survived the storm and only had to fare without power for two days. It was actually kind of nice not being able to turn the computer on… I painted, journaled, caught up on my reading, and spent time with the family. I even had just enough light to take some photos to show you another art journal page evolution.

This one was being stubborn on me, I couldn’t figure out which direction to take it, until my daughter stepped in…

It started out as the key card painted background I did for one of the background technique examples. I put a wash of white over it, but still wasn’t happy.  

So I scraped the page with black paint.

Then added in some red and yellow.

But I wasn’t liking that either, so I layered on more black and added in some cream along the top.

I decided I missed the yellow, so I scraped some more on top and also stenciled in some circles.

I wasn’t liking all the cream anymore, so I layered more black over it.

Time for some bright color! I painted bright blue stones on the left and scraped some more blue on the right.

I still had no clue where this page was going. But my daughter kept throwing a chunk of dried orange paint around, and when it landed on my journal page, I decided the orange looked kinda nice. So, I splattered some bright orange on the page.

I wanted the orange to stand out more, so I scraped more black over the other elements on the page. I then doodled a flower with white paint over the big orange splatter, and decided the quote “What is meant to be, will always find a way” would fit the page perfectly. I painted the lettering in white, but decided it was too bright and “in your face”. So, I put a wash of blue over the white lettering. I then used a black pen to outline the letters, and there it was… finally a finished page!  

Sorry I missed a few steps with the photographs near the end! When things start going your way, and you get excited, you are so focused on the art you can’t think of anything else. But I hope by seeing my process, you understand how you can just keep moving and layering over areas you don’t like in order to transform it into something you’re happy with. I wouldn’t say this is one of my favorite pages, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

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Art Journaling 101 – Forward Motion

I took my own advice to let go of expectations and just started playing in my art journal this week. With NO idea on where this was going, I just took one step at a time and kept moving.

It felt so great to be able to just play with the paints and not worry about what I was making. I’ve learned that if you just trust yourself and go with your first instinct, you can keep a forward motion going and have no time to stop and criticize yourself. You’ll also be more likely to be pleasantly surprised with your finished piece!

Once you stop to analize a decision, your inner critic kicks in to try and talk you out of it. The quicker you can make your decisions, the more in tune you are to your intuition and letting the art flow from you. So let go, act on your first instinct, and keep that forward motion going!

Here’s how this art journal page played out…

First I glued down some dictionary pages and pieces of an art magazine with soft gel medium. I then decided to journal a bit on top with a PITT pen.

I layered on some color with my fingers using acrylics.

Next, I decided to do some stenciling and image transfers. The one on the top left was supposed to be a face, but it didn’t turn out so well! I don’t know why, but transfers are always a hit or miss for me.

I had a quick image of a sun come to me, so I went with it without thinking. I covered my “mistake” with white and painted in some rays.

Layering more paint on top, to make it look nicer…

At this point, I wasn’t sure where to go, all I knew was that it looked too colorful for my taste. So, in came the black! I journaled in the rays, shaded beneath them and around the edges, and outlined everything again.

I could never have imagined this before I began, and I’m not sure that this is what “my style” is, but I’m liking it! It pays to let go sometimes, and just see what comes out on its own. I encourage you to give it a try!

Idea Evolution – Mohegan Sun

On Monday, we decided to head out to Mohegan Sun Casino for some interesting scenery on our night out. Luckily I remembered my camera, because oh boy, was there a lot of inspiring things to look at! My husband rolled his eyes and impatiently stood by as I stopped to take a photo just about every 20 feet, but it was worth it.  I came home with plenty of inspiration to fill up my sketchbook. Here are a few:  

As you can see, I didn’t try to copy the images exactly. Inspiration is all about pulling out what is calling you, whether it be the shape, colors, textures, or simply the feeling of it. When you see something that inspires you, take a moment to ask yourself… “what is it about this that is calling me?”