Stamp Carving is Quick, Easy and Fun… I’ll prove it!

Do you think stamp carving is difficult or too time intensive? Or perhaps you think you can’t carve your own stamps because you don’t know how to draw? Well, in today’s video I’m here to prove otherwise! Watch as I create three finished projects and seven hand-carved stamps all under two hours… no drawing skills required!

(click here if you can’t view the video)

As you can see, if you use simple shapes, photographs, textures, numbers, or letters, you can create fun easy stamps to enhance your artwork without the need to know how to draw!

Ready to begin this fun, amazing journey of carving your own stamps? Grab your copy of my Stamp Carving 101 interactive pack before I have to pull it from the “shelves” on May 1st.

Also, be sure to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a free copy! There’s only three days left to enter (ends April 18, 2013). Oh and no worries, I’ll refund your purchase if you win!


  1. Brilliant video Kristal, thank you very much for sharing!


  2. Hi Kristal! Congrats on launching your stamp class! You make it look so easy! Really great stamps! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I missed the deadline to get the book. :( What do I use as the base for carving?

    • Hey Jessica! There are a number of different materials you can carve into such as rubber erasers and linoleum. I cover all the options in my Stamp Carving 101 book. The interactive pack is no longer available, but you can still pick up a copy through Amazon! (If you don’t have a kindle, you can download an app to read it on just about any other device, even your computer.)

  4. I bought your Stamp Carving 101 book and read through it. I love your designs but I decided I don’t want to invest in the supplies or the time to carve my own stamps. Any chance I could buy stamps already carved from you? Thanks.

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. It was fun watching someone carve a stamp.

  6. When I first started carving eraser stamps early this year (2012), I knew only ONE other person locally (Lorra of Stars For Dreams ), who was also doing the same thing. In the last few months though, crafting, and stamp carving especially, has been the trendy thing to do among twenty- and thirty-somethings in Manila (along with calligraphy and washi tape !). The DIY/handmade/crafting movement has been going strong for the last few years internationally, thanks to Etsy, and Manila has started to catch on. Crafting is not just for kids and little old lolas anymore!

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