Stamp Carving Evolution

If you’ve been following me on facebook, you know that I’ve been carving stamps like crazy these past couple weeks to get ready for my upcoming e-book and video class “Stamp Carving 101”. I was hoping to have it ready for today (actually, it was supposed to launch weeks ago, but that’s another story), but its going to take at least another few days to have it finished. So for today, I thought I’d share a fun little evolution video of how a drawing transforms into a stamp, then into finished tags. Hope you enjoy it!

(click here if you can’t view the video)


  1. Awesome Kristal!!

  2. Wow! You make stamp carving look so easy! I like the tags too!

  3. Liz Walker says:

    amazing all looks a lot easier then it is I bet xx

  4. Beautiful, Kristal….

    Last Friday I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased supplies to carve stamps but I didn’t know where to begin. Can’t wait for your e-book!

  5. Sandy King says:

    Pretty excited to try this.! Well done. Very inspiring…

  6. I really enjoy watching you do this! I tried stamp carving but I get bored so I wonder why I like yours so much! lol…awesome work Kristal!

  7. Wow, Kristal, this was wonderful! I love rubber stamping but have been afraid of trying to make my own. You made it look doable! Thank you so much!

  8. Barbara Nickerson says:

    Steady on!!! What a beautiful video and your story behind it. I am looking forward to leaning stamp carving with you.

  9. Wow, that looks so fun! Stamp carving is on my “to-learn” list! I want!!!! And I thought it was so cool looking how you turned the stamp while you carved the spirals.

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