Soul Circle Community

Beautiful, you are perfectly imperfect and already whole just as you are.

I believe we all are. But sometimes we simply forget the beauty and depths of our being. We tend to live on the surface of our mind, experiencing our fears and scattered thoughts. We easily get caught up in the to-do lists, the constant forward movement, and the daily grind because most cultures rely so heavily on the mind and the “left-brain” way of thinking.

We honor logic, structure, speed, control; so much so that we often let our minds run on auto-pilot and we forget that there’s this whole other part of us within – this gentler, kinder, wiser, creative part of us. We need reminding to tap back into this other side – our emotions, our body, spirit, wisdom… and bring the balance back to both, because WE ARE BOTH.

Our Soul Circle is a monthly sisterhood
to support each other in exploring the beautiful depths of who we truly are through creativity, playfulness, and connection.

Each month, we sync together by using a monthly theme as like a lens on our lives, giving us an opportunity to shine a light on things we might never have noticed before. Our special monthly guests and I offer prompts, inspiration, creative exercises, integrative activities, and more that support us in exploring the themes within our own inner and outer world and expressing it all in our journals. Then we gather together in our monthly live call and in our Community Garden (aka Facebook group) to practice showing up fully, to share our stories, and to witness and support each other.

pinkarrowThis isn’t about learning more or doing more. It’s about choosing to LIVE. It’s about CONNECTING to yourself and others. I don’t want to bombard you with more things on your to-do list for your already busy life. This circle was crafted to weave into your day to day, offering support and a new way of looking at life.

pinkarrowThis isn’t about fixing ourselves or trying to force change. It’s about reigniting the fire and passion for the life we have. It’s about awakening our hidden parts while honoring and having compassion for the masks and layers that hold it hidden. It’s about embracing our wholeness within our brokenness, and celebrating that we are a beautiful contradiction.

pinkarrowThis isn’t about spiritual fluff or positive thinking. It’s about choosing to clearly see our dark and light with compassion. It’s about deeply connecting to the parts of ourselves that we want to grow, allowing the other layers to dissolve with love, and ease, and grace.

“You are allowed to be both a Masterpiece and a Work in Progress, simultaneously.”

Ready to embrace this? We’re waiting for you sister.

Join us for just $249 for a full year of exploration and connecting. Cancel at any time.

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As a Soul Sister, you’ll receive:

Soul Circle Community with Kristal Norton Soul Circle Community with Kristal Norton Soul Circle Community with Kristal Norton

▷ Monthly themes for us to explore, based on aspects of self that are often hidden, suppressed, or considered “right-brain”

▷ Suggestions for easy and practical ways to work with each theme within our busy day to day

▷ Creative exercises to dive deeper into these parts of yourself and express them

▷ Themed guided meditation audios to connect with yourself and awaken the quality we’re exploring within

▷ Beautifully designed monthly PDF Guidebooks which will include all the content, along with journaling prompts and ritual ideas to guide your explorations

▷ Monthly Journal Companion PDFs filled with ideas and printables to use in your creative journal, such as our exclusive Mandala Portals

▷ Guest speakers to bring a new perspective to the group each month

▷ Weekly check-in emails to keep you inspired, and to guide you to relevant content

▷ Live, online monthly gatherings to deepen into the quality we’re exploring and to share our stories

▷ Downloadable replay/recording of each live gathering

▷ A warm, online Sanctuary space for nourishment and reflection

▷ Free access to the Toolkit resources within the Sanctuary, including a mini workshop on how to create your Inner World Field Journal

▷ Unconditional love and support within a sisterhood on our Facebook page

But as I mentioned, this is NOT about collecting more content, or learning more, or doing more…

We gather together to bring more LIFE into our day-to-day and more FEELing into our BEing!

Our online Sanctuary supports that vision by offering only bits of inspiration, suggested exercises, and prompts that are designed to guide you in exploring your own inner world, when and only when it feels good to have that guidance. Because I believe YOU are the only one who knows what’s best for you. YOU are the only one that holds the wisdom you are searching for.

The magic of our Soul Circle lies within the safe supportive container we hold for each of us to reconnect to ourselves and show up as all of who we are.

The Soul Circle Guides:

Soul Circle Founder & Facilitator

Hello beautiful! I’m Kristal Norton, a creative life coach and the founder of the Soul Circle. Over the last five years, I’ve been working with women to transform their self-doubting inner critic, reclaim their creativity, and realize their unique inner beauty through books, private coaching, and online programs.

One thing that I know for sure, is that taking time for creative play and to listen to our Soul is essential to living a happy, fulfilling life. But it’s often the last on our “to-do” list. As a mother of three, wife, and entrepreneur, I can understand as well as anyone how busy our lives can get. That’s why I created this Soul Circle, and need it just as much as you do – to give us a reminder to slow down and give ourselves what we need in this fast-paced world.


Visual Meditation Guide

Originally from Germany, Antje Howard is an artist, Reiki practitioner, and workshop facilitator, now living in rural northern California with her husband. For over 10 years, she’s been practicing yoga and different types of meditation, and now offers us Soul Sisters a custom visualization meditation each month to awaken to the qualities we’re exploring.

Her unique, soothing voice will take you on adventures within as she guides us to use our imaginations!

Mandala Portal Creator

Over the years, Alison has experimented with many art forms, such as jewelry making, book binding, and art journaling to name a few. However, sketching and drawing are what she faithfully returns to, being inspired by nature around her home in Australia. Creating mandalas has proven to be one of her exceptional talents, which she shares with us in the Soul Circle.

With the magic of intention and mindful coloring, her one-of-a-kind printable mandalas become a portal for us to connect to the quality each are infused with!

Our Upcoming Themes & Soul Sister Guests:

May 2018
Sensuality {movement, breath, nourishment}

June 2018
Courage {vulnerability, open heart, aliveness}

July 2018
Expression {voice, truth, boundaries}

August 2018
Passion {pleasure, sexuality, excitement}

September 2018
Beauty {imperfections, nature, impermanence}

October 2018
Empathy {release, ownership, reflect}

November 2018
Receiving {gratitude, abundance, joy}

December 2018
Mystery {trust, surrender, ritual}

January 2019
Dreams {desire, permission, sovereignty}

February 2019
Compassion {forgiveness, nurture, patience}

March 2019
Play {curiosity, imagination, wonder}


Here’s What Members Are Saying:


“I would just like to say thank you for making real something that my soul has been searching for. I’ve gone through all sorts of groups, books, etc. and have long tried to find something that addresses my creative needs, but also has a soul dimension. The Soul Circle is a beautiful combination of a supportive group of like minded women, a gentle structure to develop creativity, introductions to people who have an interesting take on life and offer an insight into other perspectives on things, and the chance to connect with people around the world and see life differently. I have grown as a person, as I have reflected on aspects of my life that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Probably the most valuable thing is the absolute lack of judgement. Everyone is at a different level and has different skills but that is fine. There is no pressure to do anything…its a guide to take it where you will. I feel as though I am part of something very special.” ~Tess Boyes

“There are so many courses out there, it can be overwhelming; but I keep coming back to this group. I’ve realized I don’t need any others, because I continue to learn new things in the Soul Circle and there’s a sense of familiarity and safety that I don’t find elsewhere. The other group members are so supportive and Kristal is absolutely amazing. She shares her knowledge with us and is so encouraging and supportive of each of us.” ~Heather Lenton-Fritsch
“Being a member of the Soul Circle Community has truly been one of the best online experiences I have had. It is different than anything out there and an incredible value. It is an open forum of knowledge and shared experience that values each person as an individual. Kristal chooses monthly subjects that are truly soul expanding. Each month opens new explorations leaving me challenged, changed, and curious enough to dive deeper. Here you are invited to take what you need an leave the rest; this small detail is one of the biggest gifts. The Soul Circle will enable you to enrich your path no matter where you are on your journey.” ~Karen Wilkerson-Nantes RYT, Self-Care Life Coach, Meditation Guide
“With all the divisiveness in the world at the moment the Soul Circle Community is a wonderful, safe space to share on a deep level with women from around the world, guided and held by the wonderful Kristal. It is a daily reminder for me to connect to my soul.” ~Sue

“Kristal has created a wonderful, nurturing experience for kindred souls in the Soul Circle Community. It is magical the way we gather around the monthly themes and easy activities to expand our self awareness. There’s an ease and flow here and the monthly guidebooks are great. And the sharing and support between community members is phenomenal!” ~Mary M.

(Click on a question to read the answer.)

Is this only for women?

While I do believe it is important for men to do this work as well, this community is currently dedicated to hold space for those who identify as a woman.


Is it a one time fee or do I pay monthly?

Your membership is based on a month to month commitment with a new experience and exploration every month; so you will be charged each month you remain a member (or each year if you choose the Yearly Membership). You are free to cancel at any time. Please note, however, that if you joined during a special invitational period with a reduced membership fee, that offer ends with cancellation. If you decide to re-join at a later date, you will need to sign up at the price it is being offered at the time of your registration.


I have a super busy life, will this even work for me?

I envision this community working seamlessly into your already busy life. This isn’t about DOing more. It’s about living life with a different perspective.

At the beginning of each month, you’ll want to make time to read through the inspiration, then you are free to pick and choose which practices you want to play with throughout the month. Most of the practices and activities offered will be integrative, meaning you can do them during your day to day without having to make extra time. The only other time you may need to make, is to play with the monthly creative exercise, and to connect with your sisters in the Facebook group and the live online gathering.


Will I need to be online at any specific time?

In general, no. At the beginning of each month I send out a PDF Guidebook with inspiration and exploration prompts. Most of the exploring is done on your own during your daily life. But I would hope that you join us for our live monthly call when you can, and check into the Facebook group to share about your experience and interact with the community, as it is a rich part of building connections and exploring what it feels like to be seen for all of who you are.


What exactly is included with the membership?

As a member of the Soul Circle, each month you will receive:

  • A monthly theme for us to explore, based on aspects of the feminine “right-brain”.
  • A lesson, story, or conversation starter with each theme to get us exploring it within.
  • Guest speakers throughout the year to bring a new perspective to the group.
  • Suggestions for easy and practical ways to work with each theme within our busy day to day.
  • A creative exercise to dive deeper into these parts of yourself and express them.
  • A guided meditation audio created by Antje Tara Howard to connect with yourself and awaken the quality we’re exploring within.
  • A beautifully designed monthly PDF Guidebook which will include all the content aforementioned, along with journaling prompts and ritual ideas to guide your explorations.
  • A Journal Companion PDF filled with ideas and printables to use in your creative journal, such as our exclusive Mandala Portals created by Alison Russell.
  • Live, online monthly gatherings to deepen into the quality we’re exploring and to share our stories.
  • Replay/recording of each live gathering.
  • A warm, online Sanctuary space for nourishment and reflection.
  • Free access to the Toolkit resources within the Sanctuary, including a mini workshop on how to create your Inner World Field Journal.
  • Unconditional love and support within a sisterhood on our Facebook page.

But what this supportive container will truly offer, is a place for us all to feel safe in exploring the depths of our Soul, and to practice expressing the parts of ourselves that may be hidden.


Will I gain access to past content?

Our community is set up as a monthly present-moment membership; meaning, at any given time you will only have access to the content for our current month’s exploration. You will however, be able to download all of the content as you gain access to it, and we do have a small toolbox of resources that are relevant for our continuous journey. I’ve chosen to set it up this way so that we can stay in the moment and keep our focus, and not get overwhelmed or pressured with the feeling to “keep up”.

This does mean though, that if you want to hear from a specific Soul Sister Guest, you’ll have to be a member and join us for the month that they’re sharing.


Have a different question?
Feel free to email me at and we’ll discuss if this is a right fit for you.

My hope is that this membership community will not only provide a nurturing, inspiring environment for you to deepen your relationship to yourself and support you in aligning your life with your truest self, but also a space for you to deeply connect with others and meet life-long Soul Sisters.

If you’re yearning to free your Soul and connect with others,
then join us Soul Sister.

We’re waiting for women like you who strive to be open hearted, curious about life, and ready to dive deeper into exploring the depths of their Soul.

>> JOIN NOW – $249/yr <<

Disclaimer: It is important for me to be clear that although I have years of experience with art therapy and life coaching, I am not a licensed therapist. This program or any other information I share is not a substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content and courses are intended for general information purposes only. If you have any mental health concerns, please consult with your medical practitioner before joining the program.