Roots Art Journal Flip Through!

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In this video, I share a few pages in my journal to give you an idea of what we create in my e-course ROOTS. But every journal is different, as unique as its creator, and this is what I encourage in the course. I guide you in creating a journal for yourself, but don’t limit you in terms of what that will look like.

My belief is that the more you can play, experiment, and do this for yourself (instead of doing it to show others), the more powerful it will be for you. Art journaling can be an amazing tool to develop a deeper connection with your true creative self, and allow more clarity, happiness, and self awareness into your life. My hope is that ROOTS gives you the tools and the foundation to develop this type of transformative art journaling practice.

Art Journaling ROOTS e-courseI’ll be teaching Roots for the last time this February! In this 7-week online e-course, you’ll develop your own transformative art journaling practice as we let go of comparison and open ourselves up for self-exploration. Want to learn more about the class or see some pages by past students? Check out the information page HERE. I hope you’ll join us!

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  1. Jeannette Seger says

    Hi Kristal, I enjoyed you showing your journal in the video. I’m wondering if you glued the pages together in the composition book journal that you showed? The paper is quite thin, and did you apply gesso over your pages? Appreciate your answering my questions.
    Thanks for your help,
    Jeannette Seger

    • Hi Jeannette! I go over the details in the course, but either I glue two pages together, or I glue a piece of decorative paper to the page. It would help to use gesso, but I usually don’t. :)

  2. Hello Kristal,
    It was really wonderful to see this example of your work. I know that I do to much comparing. Even to my old work. Seeing that others allow themselves to just let go and experience the art almost makes me as jealous as seeing beautiful finished pieces. With one important difference, I am trying to learn to let go and really be present when working on art. I would like to share my first finished mixed media piece, it’s a cupliner…guess you would have to see what I mean. I am not sure what e-mail address to send it to though so if you would like to see it message me at your convenience. Thank you so much for sharing, best wishes,

    • Nikki, pay attention to and honor those feelings. Jealously is a really good indicator for what you desire for yourself. If you find yourself desiring both the beautiful art and the loose expression, I would suggest having two separate journals. (I do this as well, and am planning to film a video sharing all of my journals sometime in Feb.) I absolutely would love to see your journal page, I’ll be messaging you soon! :)

  3. Hi, Krystal, I enjoyed (and was impressed by) your art journal flip-through. I don’t really understand everything I saw or heard, but I am trying to take some of the things to heart. I have just finished filling a sketchbook, but not with any paint or writings or sage maxims ( I have a blank journal that I copy things from books that I like into, as neat as I can, though my handwriting tends to get sloppy after a few lines) . I have mainly pasted things I drew on loose paper into my sketchbook, or pasted things back in that I threw out (sometimes after retrieving them from the trash can!). I have five scrapbooks of things I have cut out of magazines, catalogues, etc. I guess the hardest things for me to do would be to scribble or slop (!) paint into my newest prized Strathmore sketchbook, which I just bought with my saved lunch money for a month. My artist friends say I am too precise and I need to “loosen up. :(

    • Susie, if scribbling or slapping paint around isn’t your thing, then maybe it’s just not your thing! Art journaling is all about embracing who you are, and doing what feels right for you without the worry of what others may think of it. :) If you’re feeling like you need to “loosen up” because you are stressed about what others think, or because you put unnecessary pressure on yourself to make it “perfect”, then yeah, perhaps some exercises in openness or practicing being seen may be helpful. Listen to your heart. Let your journal be a place to hear what it really needs.

  4. Kristal,
    You are so inspiring + creative! I LOVE watching your videos, seeing your personality + spirit shine through, and how much you give of yourself to others. :)

    You truly are an inspiration!

  5. Julie Allenby says

    I’m sure glad I taking this course, I’m one of those people that get so overwhelmed by all the techniques, all the special supplies, and beautiful drawings and paintings, I am actually tired of looking at videos and magazines because they make me feel like a failure…(my art looks bad compared to theirs). I want to learn to do my own thing that I enjoy, afterall it’s only for me. They make me feel guilty when I don’t use all the paint and techniques they do…….but I really love my colored pencils, markers, crayons and watercolor pencils too, these are my favorite. So excited to start Roots !

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