My Fav Planning Tools + Freebie!

Planner Tabs 2016

I have been immersed in planning for 2016 and I am so excited for what’s to come!!

I naturally enjoy planning for my year ahead, but having some amazing, colorful tools help make it even more fun. In the video below, I share with you my ultimate, most favorite planning tools that make planning a fun, colorful adventure!

(click here if you can’t view the video)

I’ve been using Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for a number of years now and I always look forward to filling them in and dreaming up my new goals for the year! It’s almost like having a life coach by my side, asking me just the right questions to push me into my best year and best self.

As I mention in the video, I was a bit nervous about setting aside my usual black moleskine planner for the new one Leonie just added to her planning collection… but I was so inspired by all the rainbowey goodness, I put together some tabs and fell completely in love with it!


Not only is it full of color and fun, but it’s one of the most functional planners I have ever used. It includes a month view calendar, check-in journaling questions to get you thinking about your intentions and goals for the month, weekly views with space to fill in your to-do’s for each day, extra spaces for doodling, gratitude, and so much more!

If this sounds like something you’d love too, grab your own at: (When you click on the Order Now button you’ll be directed to the area where you can choose to get the planner separately or get a bundle pack with her equally amazing guided workbooks.)

Whether you choose to use Leonie’s planner, or your own favorite, I have a special gift for you to brighten it up!

I just know you’re going to love the rainbow tabs I’ve created just as much as I do, so I put together a printable pdf with the images and directions on how to add your own.

Just CLICK HERE to download and play!!

And if you do enjoy my freebie today, please share the love! Feel free to use the image below to pin on Pinterest or share this page with your friends. :)

Much love to you!!

Free Planner Tabs!


  1. Love it!! You are the BEST!! ??

  2. Thanks so much for the planner tabs! Can’t wait to print them off and use them in my Shinning planner! You rock!

  3. Thank You So Much Krystal! You are amazing!!

  4. Be still my OCD heart! For me??? for reals???? for keeps? page tabs! I love it- Yay thank you sooo much Xxx

  5. Love the tabs, I made my own for my bullet journal but have just printed these off for my Leonie diary & LOVE it!


    Couldn’t get the links to the tabs to work. Bummer.

  7. This week I was wondering what type of tabs put on my planner and what a good surprise when I opened my email and saw yours. Thank you so much, it is beautiful!!!

  8. Hey Thanks Kristal! And thanks for the colouring pages too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. xxx

  9. LOVE these, printing them right now. Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

  10. THANK YOU for these tabs. It is very generous of you to be offering these for free. This is my first year using Leonie’s planner and thus far am loving it. The tabs are going to be a great addition.

  11. Thank you for creating and sharing your tabs…they are sensational!
    Wishing you a prosperous new year :)

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these! I will use them lovingly.

  13. Thank you for the beautiful Tabs. I especially love the idea of sewing them onto the pages and then not cutting off the loose threads. Can’t wait to give that a go.

  14. Thank you so much for these! I LOVE Leonie’s planners.

  15. These are beautiful and awesome, thank you for making them available!

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