Noticing Water

As we continue our journey of exploring the elements and shift into WATER, let's take a moment to call it into our lives, notice it around us, and release our tight holds so that we may flow with its gracefulness.

Toes in the sand

Feel the tides within as you breathe in and out.

Allow yourself to be taken by the flow of life with ease and grace.

From now until August, keep your senses focused on the water around you. Taste it, feel it running through your fingers, listen to it move. Keep your imagination active as you filter your life through the lens of WATER. How does water show up in your life physically? How do the qualities of water show up in your life metaphorically? How can you use water to help you in your day-to-day? (For example, when heavy emotions fill you up, you can use the energy of water to help them flow through you.)


As we begin to notice water in our lives, we'll not only gain a deeper understanding of the world around us, but we'll also start to gain a deeper understanding of who we are.

Using WATER as our lens through which we see our lives, we'll begin to see things in a way we may not have otherwise, gaining clarity on all aspects of our BEing.

To help us hold this lens in place, it's helpful to place reminders around our spaces and infuse our activities with water. Here are some ideas you can use:

#1. Journal or Ponder About Water - Taking some time to reflect on what you already know about water is a powerful way to begin our journey together with intention and trust in your own inner knowing. Journal, write, paint, doodle, or think about water and how it plays a role in your life. Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • What are some words you would use to describe water?
  • What symbols, lines, forms, or imagery do you associate with water?
  • How are you a natural expression of water?
  • What is your personal relationship with water?
  • Where are you longing for more ease in your life? How can you create it during our exploration of water?

#2. Create a Pinterest Board - Pinterest is full of inspiring water images, and a perfect place to create dream boards, energy boards, and more. Create a board full of watery images that inspire you to go with the flow. Or, create a mood board for emotions that seem to be bubbling up. To get started, take a peek at my Water Inspiration board HERE.

WATER Pinterest Board

#3. Update Your Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds - Changing up my desktop and mobile background images is one of my favorite ways to remind me of a feeling, mood, or energy I aim to embody that day/week/month. What side of water do you want to embody this week or this month? Do you want to call in the depths of water? Or perhaps flow? Keep this thought in mind as you search for an image that reminds you of this feeling. Images are powerful in evoking certain feelings and responses in us!

Here are a few of my favorites (click on the image to be taken to the original source for download):

water wallpaper water wallpaper
jellyfish wallpaper water wallpaper

#4. Infuse Your Creative Practice - Whether you art journal, create mandalas, draw, paint, dance, or whatever... infuse it with the energy of water. Use water as your inspiration and get into the creative flow! (PS My free water e-book talks about the fluid ways of creativity, be sure to read it for inspiration!)

water art by Kristal Norton

#5. Create an Altar - Creating a space to celebrate water is a beautiful way to honor the element and to remind you of its presence throughout your day. Simply gather a few things that remind you of water and display them together in a space that you'll see during your day. Perhaps your nightstand? Or a shelf next to your desk? Some items you might consider adding to your altar are: shells, sea glass, starfish, blue items or stones, pearls, a bowl of water with floating candles, photographs, etc.

Water Altar

#6. Drink Plenty of Water - Many of us move through our day without drinking enough water. Try experimenting with different fruit waters or teas to increase your water intake. Or, download a phone app to help you keep track. Plant Nanny is a cute fun app that I just love! (available for apple and android)

Plant Nanny water app

Some other ideas might be: Listen to the sound of rain or moving water (if you don't get a natural opportunity, try downloading a soundtrack!), go swimming, try different flavored waters and teas, notice your emotions and journal about them, visit an aquarium, play with watercolors, take a bath, follow me on Instagram, read my WATER E-Book, visit a lake or river in your area, dance in the rain...

What other ideas do you have? Which of these will you try? Share in the comments below!

Much love to you!!

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