(More) Lessons in Stillness

I believe everything happens for a reason. And if not… well, at the very least I know that we can learn something from the experience, whether or not it was put on our path “purposefully” for that lesson or not.

I feel like I’ve been sick for all of 2016. (Yes, I’m sick again after my short spurt of energy last time I checked in!) And ya know what? I’ve never journaled more or learned more about myself than in these last two months.

I have grown so much.

Learned so much.

And I’ve filled more than half of a journal I just bought weeks ago. (A rarity, honest!)

lotus journaling

But it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t forced to slow down. I am grateful for this sickness, to God/Universe for making me slow down.

That’s not to say I don’t complain either. Ask my husband and my friends – I am tired of feeling like crap. My mind and mouth rambles off and complains whenever I’m around others.

But when I get still… OH, when I get still… My heart speaks.

My heart tells me this is good for me. Sure, I had to throw my business plan out the window. Sure, I had to cancel plans that I was looking forward to. Sure, I’m in pain and tired of blowing my nose every few minutes…

But my Soul has never felt so nourished.

I’ve been waking up slowly, taking time to pull an oracle card for me and each of my daughters. I’ve been drinking my tea in front of the fire instead of in front of the computer. I’ve been yelling less because my throat hurts. I’ve been noticing my surroundings more. I’ve been taking time to sit in silence, take naps, or journal as my heart desires… (because frankly, I have no energy to do anything else!)

journaling by the fire

And it’s in this silence that I become aware… aware of the patterns and habits that hold me back from being my best self. Aware of the gifts that surround me. Aware of all of the love that fills my heart.

I have learned that DOing more and fighting hard isn’t what is going to bring me the happy fulfilling life I want. I’ve tried that route. It doesn’t feel good at all.

It’s only in the slowing down, and the listening, that I can clearly see the beauty of this moment, of this life right now.

But let me be the first to tell you – it’s not all sunshine and rainbows taking this path of stillness and awareness. You’ll begin to see your ways of being that aren’t so ideal. You’ll begin to remember the moments in your life you didn’t fully experience. You’ll begin to fully feel the emotions you were trying so hard to avoid.

There cannot be light without the darkness. There cannot be expansive joy without the deep sadness. There is no lotus without the mud.

And in the awareness of ALL of it, you’ll need compassion for yourself most of all. For it’s in the compassion that you’ll notice the gifts. You’ll notice the ways in which you can grow. You’ll notice the possibilities of RIGHT NOW.

Your heart, your Soul, speaks to you in the silence. Are you ready to listen? Are you ready to truly LIVE?


Sitting in silence, taking a walk, or doing the dishes mindfully are a few of the many ways you can honor the moment and listen. But if you’re here, I’m guessing journaling is a favorite tool of yours as it is mine. If you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s a few prompts to get you moving:

  • I know as truth, right here, in this moment to be…
  • It lights me up when…
  • I need to give myself permission to…

These are excerpts from my upcoming new journaling prompts book: The Soul Journal. I hope they open a doorway to help you listen deeply within and express yourself with words or color and shape. I know they’ve been helpful for me in these times of silence!

All my love,

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  1. Sending prayers for you to get well soon..and yes. I broke my neck and tore out my shoulders eight years ago..non fixable.It hit my nervous system and i speak slower and move slower but my mind is sharp and quick..I thought how can that be? but it simply is. Many times people are just so fast moving around me or what ever..now I enjoy the difference and let it guide me at times..hugs

  2. I really hope that you are better soon! I was sick for two weeks with a bad chest cold, and I’m still trying to get rid of it. I loved this post!

  3. Hi Kristal, writing your name Kristal reminds me on light and wisdom, for me the essence of light and wisdom is love and ….so your are :) It’s wonderful to be in connection with such a beautiful soul. Thanks for sharing so open hearted your path and get well very soon. Lots of warm love and greatings :)

  4. Hey Kristal, lets hope we all get better soon without forgetting what we learned while we had to slow down. I am quick at forgetting thepositive side of being sick, jumping right in the crazy life, forgetting myself again. Hope journaling will give me something to fall back to, look at again and again, reminding me of the resting time i need to reconnect with myself and be creative. I loved this post and interesting enough… i am home sick…. everything happens for a reason. Get well!

  5. Sharon Jones says

    Oh Kristal, I hope you return to wellness quickly. I to have been sick since Christmas, had two operations, and after the last one, feel worse than ever. No energy, no interest, but today your post has given me hope. Am thinking to to myself, pull out a notebook and commence journalling. But then I just feel as though I have nothing to write about or draw about, but once I hit send, I may just grab a notebook, I am inspired by you. Hugs from Australia.

  6. Drue Peters says

    I just found your site as I was searching for ideas to START art journaling. Like everyone else, I do not know where to start and I cannot draw at all. I am inspired by your courage and I have only viewed a couple of your pages. I look forward to the journey and I will be praying for you today. It is Good Friday. I hope you will feel better very soon. All the best.


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