Letting Go

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I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. Which, as you probably know yourself, creates those feelings of “I don’t wanna”. Giving in to those feelings time and time again doesn’t make for any progress, but sometimes you just gotta get away from it all.

So on Monday, I dropped my to-do list and whipped out the paints instead.

I had no plan in mind, just a feeling of BLAH, so I used that to guide my hands on the page. And boy… did it feel good!

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” ~Thomas Merton

But that’s not to say I felt less of that overwhelm the following day, but at least I got a break from it. Some enjoyable time away.

And ya know what? I discovered something else in the process too… creating with a toddler makes for a great opportunity to practice letting go of your thought process.

If you’ve seen any of my other art evolution videos, you’d probably notice how I voice my thought process along the way. (It makes for some very difficult editing decisions! lol)

But this time?



There was no thought process at all.

Just me, my little girl, and some paint. And it was heavenly.

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  1. I love this for many reasons. As I watched, I kept feeling the nudge, just create where you are (to myself). And, the reminder to create because my heart wants to, not necessarily to sell or to please anyone else. If I keep waiting for the ‘perfect time’ I won’t do it and how much peace and joy I feel when I do create and that energy stays with me and makes my ‘to-do list’ feel a bit easier. And, also something about the beauty that arises from ‘mess’ (in all areas of life). I am so glad that you took the time to create this video and that I took the time to watch!! Thank you!

  2. Awesome — you gave me some courage to try this with my grandson when he comes over!looks so fun!

  3. Such a sweet video! Now I want to go borrow a toddler and try this out! :)

  4. Awesome Video and glad that you decided to throw your to do list out the window and create some art with your daughter. A priceless memory and it is was fun to listen to her excitement with the finger painting. You have captured something special as they grow so quick and its hard to remember them being that small with such innocence. Way more important than daily chores. Hope the art lifted your mood too it was a fun process to watch and the end result was great. A great reminder for us all to just be present and involve our kids. Thanks for sharing xo

  5. What a fun video and that little adorable voice and the comments, too too cute!
    Wonderful inspiration!

  6. Oh dear! Thanks for sharing this with us! It is amazing! I’m going to “let go” in just a few, just wait to get home to get my hands on some acrylic paints ! :)
    Your video proves how fun art journaling can be especially when you paint with your kids!

  7. As usual, you are inspiring and uplifting. Love listening to that tiny voice, it warms the soul. Thank you.

  8. Thank you for the fun, laughter and the simple joy of watching you and your daughter share the gift of art. It has inspired me also as I am far to restricted in what I do, I find it so hard to get started but I love your idea of just adding something then letting your imagination flow from you and I could see that process. I have always wanted to paint or use art to express myself but find these big brick walls in my way you have taken some of those bricks away for me today, so bless you and your beautiful daughter…
    Love and big hugs ~ Lady Anne xxx

  9. Karen Sellers says

    This was such a fun video…..I so enjoyed it, not only for the “let go” message, but you did it with the most important person in your life and that made it special….thank you for sharing….

  10. Sandy King says

    This was great Kristal … Loved watching you move this through to a finished page. Well executed. I’m loving watching you evolve.. And don’t take time to respond to this comment ! XX Just make more art and enjoy being a mom.

  11. As a mom you are awesome
    What a great way to silence the inner critic
    Thanks for the video

  12. I loved this on so many levels.

    The creator/artist in me just loves watching others art journal. Right now I’m inspired to dig out my paints and art journal myself.

    The mother in me remembers my children being young and that creative freedom they have with art is so precious and tender. You are an amazing mom for letting your daughter in to your art world without making her feel fearful in any way.

    The emotional me totally “gets” your feeling in this video. The blahs, the nothingness we have many days as a mother. We trudge though and even just THINKING of creating something sounds like work in disguise. But, you did it anyway. And, just began right where you were with no expectations. Such a lesson in lifting out spirits.

    Thank you for this, Kristal. I am so awed by your work.

    Shari :-)

  13. Deborah Flowers says

    Wow that was amazing. I loved it. I have been a childcare teacher most of life and wished we would of done something like this. We were very creative but never did a journal. Thanks..Your little girl is just adorable.

  14. This was so precious the mummy and daughter time. you daughters going to grow up to be as talented as her mum. Thank you for showing it doesnt have to be perfect as a beginner I get somewhat disallusioned when I get the less than perfect page but seeing through your eyes gives me hope.

  15. Deborah Hall says

    This was so fun to watch. I just loved hearing your daughter’s little voice and seeing her little hands reach in and help with the work. I also liked how you just let yourself go. Thanks

  16. I am absolutely and completely in love your finished page! You took my breath away when you added the black and when you added the white. Seriously awesome journalling and art. I got to go play x

  17. I love that you let your little daughter paint with you! You are so patient and the two of you talked back and forth so well about what you were doing. And you didn’t get a bit upset when she put some paint on your pages. Once I got my attention off enjoying listening and watching the two of you I really saw a lot of ideas that I am going to try in my own journal. Thanks for a very enjoyable tutorial!

  18. Thank you! a little joy all-round :)

  19. Darling video, and you both made beautiful art. Thanks for showing your process that day. It was bold and the journal page turned out so cool.

  20. Marcia Rawls says

    What an adorable little girl! I wish i would have been smart enough to do that with my kids.., to understand the importance of fostering creativity! Oh well.., maybe with my grandkids? If i ever get lucky enough to have them.
    I also love how you just let it happen. How the pages took on a new look and feel every few seconds. You were just journaling without concerning yourself with the outcome. I love it!
    In this day of electronics and having to rush, rush, rush.. what a wonderful venue for quieting your soul!
    I make a lot of homemade cards. I throw a bunch of stuff in a bag with no ideas and go to the beach and just let it happen. I tell my friends..” i fiddle with it till i like it!” It is truly therapy. It takes me out of my head and puts me into my head all at the sane time!
    Thanks for this wonderful and life changing video series!

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