Let’s Explore the Elements

Four Elements

Over this past year, I’ve fallen in love with the elements of air, water, earth, and fire. Well… consciously I mean. I’ve always loved them, and they’ve always been infused in my being, as they are in all of us. But as I studied under Connie Solera exploring the elements and learning about sacred space, intuition, the creative process, and beyond… I felt at home. I felt deeply held and guided by the elements.

So much so, that when our cycle was nearing completion, I felt an ache of sadness at the thought of having to leave such a beautiful container of transformation.

But then I realized… I don’t need to move away from this container, this guided feeling of the elements surrounding me. I could take it into my own hands, continue to nurture myself, and hold the space for you as well as for me.

This is the beauty of sharing. The well never dries, the energy and love simply continues to grow and expand, reaching more and more people.

Exploring the Elements

So I extend this loving, safe container out to you and invite you to be held and guided by the elements.

Let’s explore them together.

Let’s infuse our every being with the breath and magic that this world has to offer.

Using the elements as a container for our inner explorations is a fun, grounding, and powerful way to gain clarity in our life. As we notice and explore the ways in which the elements show up for us, physically and metaphorically, it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of who we are.

It guides us to view things through a different lens, to see things in a way we may not have otherwise.

For the length of 2016, and into 2017, all of my journaling, explorations, blogging, emails, and view on life will be through the filter of the elements, one at a time, beginning with AIR.

I invite you to take this journey with me. In an easeful sort of way. I’ll hold the space, and offer gentle reminders, prompts, imagery, and explorations to infuse your life with each of the elements. Take or leave what feels right for you as you explore each element in your own way, and just notice how things shift. How things feel.

Allow the elements to support and guide you in your life with a loving, gentle embrace.

As I said, we’ll begin in AIR, exploring all the aspects of this one element in our life, then move on to the next. The structure of our element container will be as follows:

AIR: January – April 2016
WATER: May – August 2016
Earth: September – December 2016
FIRE: January – April 2017

There’s nothing to sign up for, nothing specific to do… just notice.

Be sure to sign up for my email love notes and updates below if you haven’t already, as well as follow me on Instagram, to keep inspired as we flow through these spaces! Thursday I’ll share some of my own thoughts on AIR and offer a special gift to help immerse yourself in this flow-ey, mystical element.

In the meantime, begin to ponder: What does AIR bring to mind for you? How does it show up in your life?


As a side note: Just know, even though we’ll be exploring the elements one at a time, each will always be with us. So if at any point you find yourself gasping for air or drowning in one certain element, you can always call on the others to center yourself again.

For example, as we move through AIR now through April, we may find ourselves feeling light headed, or too far into the dream world. When this happens, we can use the other elements of earth, fire, and water to ground ourselves back to center. Do this in any way that feels right for you. Perhaps taking a walk in the woods would help. Or immersing yourself in a long, hot bath. Sit by a fire, burn a candle, smell some flowers… whatever feels good.

Here’s to a beautiful journey ahead!!

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  1. This is great timing for me :) Looking forward to it!!

  2. what a wonderful Idea!
    Thank you for your inspiration ?

  3. what a GREAT idea. I am fascinated with the elements and so I will be joining you, thank you for the invite :) im looking forward to breezing on in, LOL!!! :)

    thank you!!!

  4. Thank you Kristal, all this is wonderful!

  5. Bev Langby says

    Hi Kristal the elements you listed don’t seem right to me ,I’m a Leo and a fire sign and I’m wondering where you found your info…

    • Hi Bev! I’m not following any astrological structure. The timeline I listed above is an outline of what elements I’ll be exploring through which months. All of the elements are always working through us, but I decided to be aware of and embody one element at a time during these months. The timeline I chose just naturally fell into place as I thought about what I’ll be going through during the year. :)

  6. leena patel says

    Lovely.what a brilliant idea.This is just what i needed.I love all the five elements.I will surely be doing this

  7. Hi Kristal,
    what a wonderful invitation, you make me smile :) I’m looking forward to this journey with you and all other ladys who join. Let’s have a magical, joyful and creativ time.

    Thank you!

  8. Love your story…parts of it could almost be me! I would love to take this journey with you. Just downloaded AIR and it is wonderful. I keep waiting to hear a sign up fee. Is there one? Looking forward to following and learning a new way of creating and freedom and to being uniquely me! Thank you!

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