Finding Joy and Healing in Synchronicity

Lately I’ve been thinking about synchronicity, or more specifically, noticing symbols or repeating images in our lives. Although I’ve always been spiritual, I also have a strong analytical side of me who likes to solve puzzles, who likes to study the way our minds work. I like to ask why, to get curious about things.

So yet again, when a symbol starting showing itself to me over and over again I began to think – Am I just looking for this? Is God or angels or my guides really showing me this as a message? Is my subconscious just finding a way to emerge? Or am I over thinking a perfectly natural occurrence of synchronicity?

These are the thoughts that I pondered as time and time again the Dugong (a relative of the manatee or “sea cow”) kept showing up in my life and I began to find meaning in it.

Each morning I pull an animal card for inspiration and guidance. And for the three days (in a row!!), that I was working feverishly to launch the pre-sale of my e-course Roots, I pulled her card – the Dugong.


As I read her message each morning, I couldn’t help but smile and give thanks for the perfect timing. She was reminding me to stay heart-centered, to remember to breathe. If it was a coincidence, it was a suprising one – seeing as there are 46 cards in the deck, and each time I put one back, I do so in a random spot in the deck and shuffle thoroughly.

Then, a few days later I felt called to do a journey meditation, a visualization of sorts where I usually go and fly with my owl guide. But this time, as I was visualizing my owl friend, I kept getting pushed toward the beach, then pushed even further towards the water. I resisted at first, as you’ll very rarely see me go swimming. But it was like a force was pushing me deeper and deeper into the water, until I saw her – my sea cow.

The next day I decided to do some research and learn more about this beautiful creature and draw her in my journal. As I journaled about her and my experiences, I realized another coincidence… this symbol, or spirit, showed up right as I was inviting the element of Water into my life.

Journaling Dugong

Another day later, as I continued to ponder how these types of synchronicities play out in our lives and why, I prayed… I called out – If this really is a message from the Divine and not just my mind making things up, show her to me again. Give me another sign.

I had no idea how else the Dugong could be shown to me beyond my imagination and my animal cards… it’s not like I’ll be seeing one swim by my window any time soon! lol But I asked for her to show herself to me again, knowing that it would be highly unlikely with such a rare animal.

But later, that very same day, my daughter was playing computer games on, and what do you know… just as I looked up, a sea cow was swimming by on the screen!

I just had to laugh.

It’s hard to trust in anything that can’t be physically proven. Our human minds need order, need rational calculations. But the spiritual world knows no such boundaries. It doesn’t follow the laws of the Earth. And our only way to access it is through our right-side, creative brains, through our heart, through our Soul.

But really, which ever way you look at it – through your analytical mind, or through your heart – synchronicity in our life deserves to be looked at, to be explored. Our lives have no meaning unless we look for it, unless we make meaning.

Whether my experience was pure coincidence, or my unconscious sending me a message, or the Divine giving me guidance… it doesn’t really matter in the end. What matters is that I took notice. I found meaning within the mundane of my life. I celebrated the mysteries in life. I found comfort, and healing, and direction. I found love. I found joy. And I am thankful. <3

P.S. I’d be curious to know… have you noticed synchronicity in your life? Share your stories in the comments!

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  1. God can speak to us in many ways, but He is always the Divine you speak of. There is NO other. He can whisper to our hearts in dreams and He can shout to our consciousness via incidents, but He is always present and trying to get our attention. We just have to quiet ourselves enough to hear Him, to be aware of His messages. He is always caring for us and loving us.

  2. Hi Kristal, I have definitely experience synchronicity. It’s an awesome experience, it gives you goosebumps at times, I noticed it after reading the book “When God Winks” sorry I don’t remember the author and also by listening to Wayne Dyer. Thank you for reminding me to look for it in my life, life gets so hectic that we forget to stop and listen. Much love :)

  3. This happens to me all the time and I love it. And I am stubborn so the universe has to keep nudging me to be like “NOTICE THIS!”. For instance, when I last visited home(Oklahoma), I had such a sense of warmth and family and heritage and roots. And since then, it’s been in the very very back of my mind to do some art and writing about my own family history along with the beautiful history of Oklahoma. And just to drive it home, I keep finding Oklahoma related shirts in thrift stores here in Boulder, CO. The odds are slim. I have seriously seen about 6 or 7 since I visited Oklahoma two months ago. I even bought one. The universe is heavy handed, haha.

  4. A beautiful blog. I notice synchronicity in my life but then it passes by and I forget it and it is always about something magic in my life. Next Art Journal page will be about synchronicity. Remember the magic. Thank you!

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