The Fight to Return to Creativity

I had always liked to think that society didn’t play a big role in how I lived my life.

My parents were pretty open minded about what I chose to do, and my mom was always marveling at the way I never seemed to care about what other people thought of me.

But now, as I become more and more awakened to all the different parts of me within, I can see, I wasn’t that much different than all the other flocks of sheep.

Somehow it was ingrained in me that logic should always be valued more than intuition. That being in control was the smartest way to live. That if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself. That sexuality is to be hidden. That play is only for children. That if you’re hurt, you should suck it up.

If you asked my parents about these beliefs, they probably would have dubbed them untrue (except maybe the do it yourself one!).

And yet, these beliefs formed deep within me as I grew. There was no escaping society’s carefully structured system. And this masculine, “left brain” way of thinking began to wear me down.

It was like a seed that began to grow within, taking hold, then quietly strangling my creative, intuitive, emotional side.

I found myself grasping for control in every part of my life… I was only able to fill my car’s gas tank if my usual pump at my favorite station was open. I would rearrange the dishwasher if someone else loaded it. I would shut down all of my emotions to keep my actions in check. My art became automatic and formulaic. And I even came close to ruining my best friend’s wedding because I wanted it done “my way”.

My internal dualities were shifted way to the left, and I was struggling to keep hold. I felt like I was fighting upstream just to keep afloat.

Then depression hit.

And I got mad.

What right did I have to be depressed? I had a wonderful, loving husband. Two (at the time) healthy, amazing kids. And I even had my “dream job” of selling my art. And yet, there I was… feeling empty, lost, and depressed.

At the time, I had no idea what was wrong. All I knew was that there was something more. Something I was missing.

Looking back, I can now clearly see that I was suffering from imbalance. I had completely shut down my “right-brain” way of thinking – the part of me that is intuitive, emotional, feminine, and oh so creative.

I was only living from half of who I truly was.

And this is how the majority of us learned how to live in this world. It was necessary to survive. For many years, society has only honored the masculine, logical side of us. It’s the only side that’s allowed to shine through.

But we are lucky enough to see the day where all of this is finally starting to shift.

Creativity is becoming more appreciated. It’s becoming more acceptable to talk about our emotions. Spiritual healers are coming out of hiding. Play is finally getting encouraged! (Have you seen all of those adult coloring books and summer camps and activity centers!?)

And as the world fights to shift out of our old patriarchal system, we too must stand for a balance within ourselves.

We must reawaken our innate creativity, our intuition, our feminine essence. And embrace the mysterious dualities within our selves.

Because yes we are strong, but we are also vulnerable and emotional.

Yes, we are logical, but we’re also intuitive.

Yes, we know how to take control, but we can also let go with grace.

We are rational AND we are creative.

It’s time we reclaim all parts of our selves. And creativity? Is the perfect way in.


I know you know all of this. Whether consciously or not. You found your way here, didn’t you? Creativity is calling you. But perhaps you’re feeling stuck. Perhaps just learning art techniques isn’t enough.

Perhaps you’re having trouble shifting gears and fully awakening that “right-brain”, creative side of you. That’s where I can help.

I walked this path so I can know it deeply. I know what it’s like to be stuck in perfectionism and control. So, as I continue to awaken my own creative side, and find my own inner balance, it’s become a passion of mine to help others reclaim their creative selves as well. Because I know just how painful it is to be shut down. I know our society is far from healing this imbalance as a whole.

And I know, with all my heart, that you ARE creative, and you were meant to live your life in full expression of ALL parts of you.

We must step forth and reclaim our own balance. Reclaim the side of us that has been shut down by society. And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing together in my 7-week guided journey: Creative Soul Roots. If all of this has sounded a little too familiar, then I hope you join us in the online classroom for support in awakening your creative side.

But for today, what small step can you take to honor that neglected, creative, intuitive, emotional side of you?

Leave a comment below to share your story or claim your next step!

Much love to you!!

Soul Circle CommunityP.S. If you’re ready to dig deeper and truly reconnect with all of the hidden parts of yourself, then I invite you to join us in the Soul Circle Community. Our circle is a monthly sisterhood to support each other in exploring the beautiful depths of who we truly are through creativity, playfulness, and connection. To be clear, this isn’t about learning more or doing more… It’s a loving container to inspire and remind you to be the curious explorer of your inner world, and to nurture your relationship to yourself. Because in this fast-paced world of today, it’s too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and constant forward movement; we need reminders to slow down and reconnect. CLICK HERE to learn more and to join us!!


Full Moon Soul Date

The full moon was last weekend. And no, I’m not usually the type that pays much attention to these sorts of things… although perhaps now I will, because what I experienced over these past few days was nothing short of magical.

They say the full moon is a time for releasing that which no longer serves you… and oooh boy, was something telling me to let go! Out of nowhere, I began to get bombarded with messages all telling me the same thing:

It’s time to let go of your old ways of doing things.

It’s time to shed the cocoon and grow.

It all started with some simple nudges from Connie Solera, to take some time to reflect and to speak to the soul of my business because I was really feeling flustered and out of sorts. When I agreed to slow down and really listen… that’s when the messages started to appear.

First, through my daily written journal. Then through a conversation in our Ignite class. A book appeared at my doorstep: Meet Your Soul. An unexpected message from my psychic friend Bridgette who had a feeling that a shift was happening in my biz. An out-of-the-blue free business coaching call. A link to Mystic Mamma where they share that the energetic themes for September is FAITH and TRUST: “The container of our lives needs to be bigger to accommodate this evolution and we cannot hold ourselves back with our fears, limited thinking and need for control.”

(And that’s the short list!)

But what hit me hardest of all, was what I experienced the morning of the full moon. I was feeling tangled. Unsure of what was going on. I needed to run away. So in the early morning light, I grabbed some art supplies and notebooks then snuck away to the beach for some quiet alone time. Little did I know what awaited me…

(click here if you can’t view the video)

And through all of these messages, I’ve been getting really clear on some things. A shift IS happening. In my life, as well as in my business. Not a major shift. But more like a re-alignment. You can read more about it HERE where I posted a bit of my thought process through this experience.

But WOW. No words can fully describe what I’ve been experiencing these last few weeks. Big things are coming. I can feel it.

With Love,

5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Who am I? 5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Who am I?

I found myself asking that question a lot over the last year. While going through intensive life coach training, we were expected to answer a lot of questions about our own beliefs, patterns, and personality traits; but I found myself struggling to respond.

I felt flustered.


Who the hell am I when you strip away my titles of mother, wife, sister, daughter…

I wasn’t quite sure. The busyness of life had yet again swept me away. And when life sweeps me away, my art and personal practices are always the first to be pushed to the side, leaving me with a sense of disconnect and longing; but then I get a wake-up call like this one, reminding me to come back. Reminding me that these practices are actually the things that keep me grounded in who I am. That these are things I need to do MORE of when overwhelm strikes, not less.

Because when you know who you are, all of life’s choices become easy.

And you know what the best part is? Our truest self is always with us, in the here and now. We just get disconnected, or it gets pushed beneath the surface by pain and fear. But no matter how far we stray from our deeper self, we can always return home.

Are you ready to make that return trip? Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your true self:

5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Get out
– Take a night off and spend time with a good friend. If you’re a mom with young kids, spend time with a loved one without the kiddos (and keep the topic of kids off the table!). Taking time away from your many jobs and titles helps the real you shine through.

Get still
– Sometimes the busyness of life makes us feel like we’re going crazy. Stop all the rushing and get still for a few minutes. If you like to meditate, do yoga, pray, or have another spiritual practice… get to it! If none of these practices call to you, simply stop, put your hand on your heart, and take a deeeep breath. Taking a moment or two to pause helps us to feel grounded and to hear our heart calling to us.

Get creative
– Creative expression is a powerful (and fun!) way to connect with who you are and let it radiate outwards. A creative practice will allow you to grow, explore your heart’s path, follow your intuition, build confidence in yourself, and so much more. Art journaling especially is a great tool, as it combines creative expression and reflective journaling.

Get present
– With our lives being played out so much on the internet and in our heads, it’s a good practice to notice surroundings. Look around. Really pay attention. Perhaps get yourself out in nature. Dig your toes into the earth. Evoke your five senses.

Get clear
– Your values, desires, and passions are part of what makes you unique. When you’re feeling disconnected with yourself, take some time to reflect on what’s most important to you. That will remind you of what it is you really want in life.

What’s your favorite way of connecting with yourself? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Much love to you!!

Soul Circle CommunityP.S. If you’re yearning for more connection in your life, then I invite you to join us in the Soul Circle Community. Our circle is a monthly sisterhood to support each other in exploring the beautiful depths of who we truly are through creativity, playfulness, and connection. To be clear, this isn’t about learning more or doing more… It’s a loving container to inspire and remind you to be the curious explorer of your inner world, and to nurture your relationship to yourself. Because in this fast-paced world of today, it’s too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and constant forward movement; we need reminders to slow down and reconnect. CLICK HERE to learn more and to join us!!


Time for Living – a 30 Day Challenge


Each December flies by so quickly, I don’t even have a chance to breathe.

This year, I want it to be different.

I want to stop rushing around, feeling like I’m always behind.
I want to see the sparkle in my little one’s eyes when she grins at me.
I want to hear the crunch beneath my feet on newly fallen snow.
I want to take in the hidden beauty of the life around me.
I want to be amazed by my eight year old’s ingenuity.
I want to savor each delicious bite without feeling guilty.
I want to feel the warmth on my face as I snuggle up next to the fire…

In short:

I want to notice the magic of everyday.

Because if we don’t… we’re missing out on our lives.

If you feel the same way, I invite you to join me in a challenge this month:

Simply practice taking notice and giving gratitude everyday for the next 30 days.

Why? Because I have seen how a moment of pause, to take in what’s around me, has led to feeling more connected, more loved, and more fully alive. But it’s easy to forget. So I’d love your support in witnessing my challenge, and I’d really love for you to join in with me. Let’s keep it simple: No daily blogging. No mandatory check-ins. No pressure.

After all, the whole point of this challenge is to simplify life, reconnect, and to enjoy actually LIVING.

The Challenge:

Take Notice – Throughout your day, look for the beauty that surrounds you. And when you spend time with someone, or step outside, or take part in a tradition, or experience anything else that you welcome into your life: stop for a moment. Take notice. Breathe, and take it all in.

Give Gratitude – Each night take a minute to write about one thing you’re grateful for. Get specific. Why are you grateful for that thing, person, or experience? (Learn more about the power of details when it comes to gratitude with Marie Forleo’s recent video.)

Witnessing and Contributing:

Like I mentioned, I want to keep this simple. This challenge is about really immersing yourself in life, which is impossible to do if you spend all your time online. So I have no set schedule to email you, or post on the blog, or any of that. If I feel inspired to share something, I will. And I invite you to share and contribute in any way that feels right for you.

Most if any of my sharing will be on:

Instagram – (perhaps some photos of special moments, or everyday beauty I find)

Facebook – (where I may share some of the experience, what I’m grateful for, and invite you to share as well)

noticing mountains

Ready to take on the challenge? Why not start now by sharing in the comments what you’re grateful for today and why. Continue practicing taking notice and giving gratitude throughout this month, and I’m sure it will transform the way you view and experience your life.

If nothing else, remember this:

Slow down.



Live your life.

Your Perfect Day – Everyday {Living Intentionally}

Your Perfect Day... Everyday

There’s been a lot of talk about morning routines lately and I can’t help but to feel a little jealous… I mean come-on, who has time for a cozy cup of tea, yoga, journaling, and self reflection every morning?

Heck, I can hardly fit in a shower most mornings!

My reality? Being startled awake by my five year old demanding cereal, rushing to get breakfast and the kids’ packed lunches made while the baby is screaming to get out of her crib… and then rushing to at least get dressed and brush my teeth before the baby finishes her breakfast, and then it’s off to school or summer camp.


I’m sure that if I lived alone, I would probably have a dream morning routine in place; but seeing as though I have three young kids and waking up at the crack of dawn isn’t an option I’m willing to take (not yet anyway), then I needed to figure out another way to fill my day with intention.

Many other “experts” suggest you imagine what your perfect day would be like, and then make it your intention to direct your life daily toward that perfect day.

So I tried…

and tried…

and tried.

But, to no avail could I come up with ONE perfect day that I would be happy to keep as a benchmark for happiness.

I’m a multi-passionate after all.

How could I know that I’ll be happy in the future with what I choose now?

As I was pondering about this, I stopped in my tracks and looked around me. I was alone, in my quiet backyard, with the warm sunshine on my face. THIS. This right here would be part of my most perfect day, a day that would make me happy. Being alone with my thoughts, if even for a moment, in a quiet peaceful place, connecting with nature. Yeeesss.

I had found the answer to envisioning my “perfect day”… I didn’t have to strive for a certain lifestyle, or commit to do a certain activity every day; living intentionally simply meant breaking away from the mindless daily grind and doing something that connected me to ME.


and my values,

and what would make me truly happy.

Once I realized this, I was able to add more to my intention list.

Today, that list looks something like this:

  • Experience something new
  • Get in touch with self (being alone with my thoughts for a few minutes)
  • Get in touch with nature (go outside!)
  • Create something (ie a cake, a painting, an entry in my journal…)
  • Get my heart pumping
  • Connect with my family (spend individual time with each)
  • Help someone, or make a contribution

Purposefully doing things throughout each day that reflects your values and makes your life richer… that my friend is living intentionally.

What’s on your intention list?