The Thoughts Behind My Silence…

Usually I spill my heart out in my emails, and leave only the well thought out actionable posts for my blog. Today, in my felt need to break my silence, I’d like to share publicly my recent email:

Title: I Don’t Like This…

This letter could go a number of different directions – there are many things I could say I don’t like right now. Especially considering all the things that have been running throughout the news.

About that… There’s definitely a fire brewing in my belly and a build up of emotions that I wish I could just rid myself of. I have a long history of being good at shutting down. I hide. I get quiet. I distract myself. But I don’t want to do that anymore. I’ve worked too hard to learn how to open up, to be more brave, to share myself. So I’m starting to feel this huge build up, feeling the need to say or act or DO something.

On the other hand, I don’t want my business to be a place for political discussions. What I’m here to do reaches far wider than any one group of people with one certain belief. The specific details behind our beliefs or passions are not what unifies us here in this space, it’s the fact that we’re all human. That’s what I want to focus on when sharing through these emails or on my blog or on social media.

So yeah… no, I’m not here to complain about what’s happening out there. And I hope my lack of commentary or leadership in the online world regarding political or worldly news doesn’t come off as not caring, because I do – deeply.

I don’t consider myself a leader, or an activist, or even someone who’s good with words. I consider myself a gatherer and a lover. I love you, no matter what you believe, or do, or say (or don’t). And I do want my work to make an impact on the world, but perhaps not in such an outwardly way as others do. I want to guide people to love themselves, in turn loving more of each other. I want to inspire stronger communities. I want to gather people together. And THAT is what I want to be talking about.

But right now I feel lost, and silenced. I feel backed up. It’s like the way I get stuck in my art journal (especially my more diary-like ones) where I hold myself back from jumping in with what I’m passionate or inspired about now, because I want to go back and record what it was that happened before that. But of course the passion there has already moved on, which throws me into a cycle of never fully being in the moment, in the passion.

What I’m trying to say, is that I feel pressure on myself to talk about creativity, and about my upcoming class Creative Soul Roots because I committed to teaching it again this spring. (And I am still excited to do so – we start Feb 27th!) At the same time, I’m inspired and feel moved to finally put into motion my bigger picture project that I’ve been brewing on for over two years now – a private community. And at the same, same time… I also feel immobilized by my overwhelming emotions regarding all that is happening around me.

I’m a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts and emotions. As I’m sure many of us, especially in the United States, are right now.

I began this letter as a way to communicate through my silence. I began it as a way to fight back the urge to shut down. I began it as a way to let you know my expectations for my communication with you in these next few months. But in my struggle to clearly articulate what is going on in my head, I can see now that nothing is certain. And that’s okay.

I do still plan on teaching Roots next month, that won’t change. But this will probably be the last time I offer it in the beginning of the year. I realize now that this time calls for more flow and spontaneity from me, as I’m not liking the forced start for action so early on.

But as far as my blog or emails or other communication goes… I don’t know. I’m struggling between wanting to shout out so many things and being quiet. I have so much to say, but too little words. I’m struggling between wanting to DO so much, but not knowing what to do or how to do it.

…I suppose that means it’s a good time for art making.

For now, I will remain in my quietness. For now, I will spill my emotions into my journal. For now, I will practice staying open in the safeness of my home and trusted circles. For now, I will start small with the intention to keep growing.

After all, BIG change is possible with small steps – (as I was so timely reminded of by my dear friend Mindy Tsonas, see below.)

With all my love,

P.S. In the midst of writing and re-writing this email, Mindy reached out with her offering of a week long adventure in art & love as activism – Tiny Revolutions. Timing could not have been better. Starting Feb 12th, she says we’ll write, paint, tell stories and get messy, all for the purpose of positive change. We will play in the questions of who we are to get clear on our most powerful mission for change, in our own life and out in the world. Sounds exactly what I’m needing right now. What’s even more amazing, is that in the interest of opening up this experience to all who wish to join, there’s three equally valuable ways to participate: {$5} You Belong Scholarship, {$19} Fire Starter, and {$39} Love Maker. So if you’re feeling like me, a little lost in what to do, I hope you join us for this week of play and exploration for clarity to take action, no matter how large or small. Find out more HERE.

Shifting Into Water

Back in January, I shared that I’ll be exploring the elements one at a time throughout this year, beginning with AIR. As I began my journey, I had thought that I would come in like a whirlwind – blogging more, sharing all of what I had learned in previous explorations of Air. But instead, Air showed up as stillness, as quiet, as that small space between each breath.

Air & Water

For many weeks I was forced to slow down with sickness, teaching me how to spend time with myself alone with no agenda, showing me the gifts of stillness and awareness.

Throughout that time, I learned so much about myself and I finally learned how to sit still in silence, which I was never able to do previously. Although it was a rough couple months, I am grateful. Grateful of the changes it made in me. Grateful that I can now enjoy a (semi) daily meditation practice to listen to my Soul. Grateful for the new fresh eyes on life. Grateful for this new found ability to tap into my heart and write to you with ease. Grateful.

So grateful in fact, that I’ve been resisting this feeling of Water coming into my world these past couple weeks. I’ve been feeling the shift. The Air energy I’ve been getting used to has been slowly lifting as the quickness of Water rushes in.

Air & Water

I’m a little anxious about it actually. Through my lessons in stillness, I’ve seen just how much I have stuffed my emotions down throughout my life. And do you know what Water usually represents? Yup. Emotions. I have a feeling that this cycle will not go as planned, just as Air was surprising.

In my first experience exploring Water last year, I thought much about how our society places its value on product, on the final result of creativity, and how, really, creativity is so full of mysticism. And so, the Water e-book I have prepared to gift you (which will be arriving soon!) is all about being in the flow of creativity. I had planned to spend my time writing about all the different ways we can be creative in our daily life. How we can tap into the easeful flow of the magic of creativity.

I hope to still touch on these subjects in the next couple months as we explore Water. But I have a feeling that Water has its own plans for me. We’ll just have to wait and see!

In the meantime, I would love to hear your experience with the Air cycle. Did you invite it into your life? What did it teach you? Share with us in the comments below!

Much love,

Two New Workshops!!

Phew, what a month it’s been! I left a lot of time open to film and write for my upcoming workshop Dancing in the Unknown which will be offered alongside 20+ other holistic workshops in Spectrum 2016. But of course half way through the month I lost all inspiration to work on it.

All wasn’t lost though, I was surprised with a clear vision of a different mini workshop. One that would address a nagging thought I’ve been having:

I feel like the true intentions of art journaling are being lost within all of the available art supplies and tutorial videos out there.

I wanted to build a space to hold a conversation around this. I wanted to share what I use in my own practice to hold my journal as a sacred place to truly express myself. And so, Safe Haven Art Journaling was born.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your journal as your own personal safe space, join us to talk about setting boundaries, building sacred space, using an approach that makes us comfortable, and to play with hidden journaling techniques.

CLICK HERE to learn more and sign up for Safe Haven Art Journaling

Not surprisingly, as soon as I finished putting together Safe Haven, my inspiration returned to work on Dancing in the Unknown. And wow! What a rush it’s been! It feels like everything I wanted to share about uncertainty in our lives and facing the unknown and listening to our wise Soul voice is just pouring out of me with so much ease.

Within this workshop, I share my experience along with two exercises you can practice to expand your comfort zone with the unknown to allow space to hear that wise voice within.

Let’s spend time exploring the place where intuition and fear meet. I dare you to get curious about what your heart has to say and how it will guide you to make decisions aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this workshop, or go straight to the SPECTRUM 2016 workshop page to sign up for this collaborative experience (starts May 2!).

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a mini video I put together with clips from the Dancing in the Unknown workshop:

(click here if you can’t view the video)

Much love to you!!

How Pinkie Pie Became My Word of the Year…

As I sat with my intentions for 2016 and worked through the process of finding my word of the year (using a brilliant workbook my dear friend Becky Cavender so lovingly created HERE), I began to see words such as love, connection, simplicity, free, silly, playful, open… but there wasn’t one word which stood out from the rest.

They all felt true. But I knew, trying to embody a handful of words is no easy task, especially when you’re looking for simplicity!

So I put it aside for the day to let it incubate. But every time I would return to it… I would just see images of Pinkie Pie.


What!? You’re not focusing enough. I’ll try again later.

And again, images of Pinkie Pie.



A few days later, my friend Bridgette asks, “Have you discovered your word yet?”

“I’m still pondering,” I replied. “Every time I try to work on it, an image of Pinkie Pie comes up!” I laugh.

I was laughing, at the silliness of it all – that I couldn’t focus, that I kept getting bombarded with silly, childish things, that I was having trouble pinning down my word. I expected her to laugh along with me, to shrug it off as I had been and say Oh, it’ll come to you.

But being the wise woman she is, instead she replied, “You know, horse is a symbol for intuition and freedom.”

“Time for musing!” she says.

It shocked me. It got me thinking…

I’ve been yearning for “freedom” for years now.

I’ve been learning year after year, month after month, that I should listen to my intuition more.

I recalled a scene from My Little Pony where Pinkie Pie expressed her intuitive, perhaps even psychic abilities…


Whoa.. There’s more to her than just parties and balloons. On the surface she looks shallow… not valued.

WAIT… did I just say that? Does that mean I truly don’t believe in my own words, that there’s value in play and joy?

I had to sit with it. I’ve been so disconnected from joy this past year. I feel the heaviness weighing on my heart.


It’s time to lighten up.

It’s time to giggle and play – to remember the silly little “CooCooNut” my parents so lovingly called me as a child.

Kristal Norton

There IS value in simplicity, in the child-like nature of wonder and joy.

And as I softened into this idea of actually using “Pinkie Pie” as my word of the year, I realized…

Yes, this does encompass all that I yearn for this year –

Love, Connection, Silly, Playful, Free, Simplicity, Open, JOY.


And now

I’m only left wondering… What other truths has my heart tried to show me that I’ve dismissed?

(My Little Pony images copyrighted by their respective
owners, found HERE, HERE, and HERE.)

My Fav Planning Tools + Freebie!

Planner Tabs 2016

I have been immersed in planning for 2016 and I am so excited for what’s to come!!

I naturally enjoy planning for my year ahead, but having some amazing, colorful tools help make it even more fun. In the video below, I share with you my ultimate, most favorite planning tools that make planning a fun, colorful adventure!

(click here if you can’t view the video)

I’ve been using Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for a number of years now and I always look forward to filling them in and dreaming up my new goals for the year! It’s almost like having a life coach by my side, asking me just the right questions to push me into my best year and best self.

As I mention in the video, I was a bit nervous about setting aside my usual black moleskine planner for the new one Leonie just added to her planning collection… but I was so inspired by all the rainbowey goodness, I put together some tabs and fell completely in love with it!


Not only is it full of color and fun, but it’s one of the most functional planners I have ever used. It includes a month view calendar, check-in journaling questions to get you thinking about your intentions and goals for the month, weekly
views with space to fill in your to-do’s for each day, extra spaces for doodling, gratitude, and so much more!

If this sounds like something you’d love too, grab your own at: (When you click on the Order Now button you’ll be directed to the area where you can choose to get the planner separately or get a bundle pack with her equally amazing guided workbooks.)

Whether you choose to use Leonie’s planner, or your own favorite, I have a special gift for you to brighten it up!

I just know you’re going to love the rainbow tabs I’ve created just as much as I do, so I put together a printable pdf with the images and directions on how to add your own.

Just CLICK HERE to download and play!!

And if you do enjoy my freebie today, please share the love! Feel free to use the image below to pin on Pinterest or share this page with your friends. :)

Much love to you!!

Free Planner Tabs!