Feeling So Inspired… Want Some?

I’ve been feeling so inspired these last few days, so I thought I’d share the love!

This week was the start of my class Roots, in which I’m the teacher AND the student! (Registration for this journey is now closed, but keep an eye out for early registration for our next journey in Sept!) I love playing along with this class, because it’s like a total reset on my practice as we remember how to play and reconnect with our creative spirit.

The first week is always dedicated to building sacred containers – finding the time, creating our space, and getting our journals ready… so I’ve been cleaning up my art studio and decided to purchase a cozy chair and a rug to warm up the space. (Keep a watch out on Facebook or Instagram, I’ll be sure to post a photo when I finish the space!)

pinkarrowIt’s amazing how much our environment affects our creativity! What can you do to create an inviting, dedicated space to create in?


I’ve also been experimenting with color alongside my friend Mixy Gregory and her community in her year-long program TWELVTY. Each month we’re exploring a different color, and challenging ourselves to only use that color in our art. The thing that got me the most excited and inspired was the thought of having a full rainbow journal at the end of the journey! But as I dove into my first experiment with only using the color yellow, I discovered that it’s quite a challenge, and it really stretches your creative muscles!

pinkarrowLimiting yourself in some way often stretches your creativity! How can you challenge yourself? Perhaps try using only one or two colors. Or join us in Twelvty to explore the rainbow!

If you’d like to join me in Twelvty to learn more about color and explore them with us for a full year, you can SIGN UP HERE! Class has already begun, but Mixy has set up a special page for you to jump in with us! We start playing with green this month!


I’m also excited about Connie Solera’s free painting challenge to explore our bodies with art. Each day starting March 6th we explore a certain body part in whatever medium you choose. I think this is going to be so insightful and powerful, not to mention FUN!

pinkarrowJoin in on the challenge by following the prompts on the image here, then share and get inspired with the hashtag #21embody!

If exploring your body with creativity sounds intriguing, I urge to you to also check out the next installment of 21Secrets: emBODY! (If you’ve never heard of 21Secrets, it’s a yearly collaborative workshop hosted by Connie, presented by 21 artists. It’s always been an amazing experience every time I join in!)

I hope something here sparks some inspiration for you!!

Much love to you!!

A Collaborative Art Journal Page

Ever feel like you’re creatively stuck, you can’t let loose, or you’re too worried about what your creations look like? Kids are the perfect medicine!

(click here if you can’t view the video)

Wishing you continued inspiration,

P.S. In the beginning of the video, my daughters mention another video we did; you can find that one HERE. :)

Mandala Fun!

Mandalas have been on my mind a lot lately. They’re so much fun to make, and really bring me to a place of quiet contentment. Have you ever made one before? If not, you should give it a try – you may just find yourself with another healthy addiction. ;0)

Take a peek into my latest sketchbook page where I create a flower mandala:

(click here if you can’t view the video)

Art Journaling VS Visual Journaling

art journaling VS visual journaling

As I develop my art journaling practice, I find myself moving further and further away from what I see others call “art journaling”. So I began to think… perhaps what I’m doing is something different.

Should I refer to it as visual journaling?

What does that term even mean?

What does “art journaling” even mean?

Is there a difference?

I knew on some level what these terms meant to me, but I was curious to see if others define them in the same way. So, I invited four other journal artists to share their insights to these questions. And here… is our conversation:

(click here if you can’t view the video)

How would you define “art journaling” and “visual journaling”? Does it really make a difference what it is? What’s your intention when coming to the page? Leave a comment below, and let’s continue the conversation!

Special Thanks To: Hali Karla, Andrea Schroeder, Connie Solera, and Lisa Sonora for making this video possible!

Want to learn more about art journaling?
Check out my introductory e-course
Art Journaling 101”.

Roots Art Journal Flip Through!

(click here if you can’t view the video)

In this video, I share a few pages in my journal to give you an idea of what we create in my e-course ROOTS. But every journal is different, as unique as its creator, and this is what I encourage in the course. I guide you in creating a journal for yourself, but don’t limit you in terms of what that will look like.

My belief is that the more you can play, experiment, and do this for yourself (instead of doing it to show others), the more powerful it will be for you. Art journaling can be an amazing tool to develop a deeper connection with your true creative self, and allow more clarity, happiness, and self awareness into your life. My hope is that ROOTS gives you the tools and the foundation to develop this type of transformative art journaling practice.

Art Journaling ROOTS e-courseI’ll be teaching Roots for the last time this February! In this 7-week online e-course, you’ll develop your own transformative art journaling practice as we let go of comparison and open ourselves up for self-exploration. Want to learn more about the class or see some pages by past students? Check out the information page HERE. I hope you’ll join us!