Busy Mom VS Daily Grind

I’ve been bouncing around like crazy because I’m so super excited for what’s coming up! (And I have a video to prove it!!) 

(click here if you can’t view the video)

Seriously, if you stick around to the end – you’ll see how nutty I get when I’m excited for something! he he

So what am I so pumped about?

My new project: 

Busy Mom VS the Daily Grind 

You know, that thing that plagues us all – when we have to perform the same mundane tasks day after day… after day… until it gets ingrained into our minds so deeply that we let ourselves run on auto pilot. You start to go through the motions of your day without really living your life…

kind of like a walking zombie.

I believe that this is a key factor in a lot of people’s unhappiness – because it makes you forget who you really are. 

And I know, you can’t just up and stop your daily tasks… so how can you live a happier life? 

By intentionally living moment by moment, by acknowledging and appreciating the happy ones, and by bringing self expression and creativity into every day.

At least that’s my theory – and I’m going to put it to the test. I’m going to dedicate 30 days to focus solely on battling the daily grind and developing these three aspects into daily habits.  

HABIT #1: To be present for every moment. 

I hope to develop this by keeping my camera with me at all times as a reminder to take in my surroundings more and see the beauty in every day life. Also by calling it quits to multi-tasking during important activities like playing and spending time with the kids. 

HABIT #2: To acknowledge and appreciate those happy and beautiful moments of every day. 

To do this, I will take a moment every night to journal or list all the moments I want to remember, and what I’m grateful for that day. 

HABIT #3: To bring self expression and creativity into every day. 

Ooooh boy, this one will be tough. But my goal is to do something creative every day, no matter how big or small – even if its just doodling on a napkin. Because I’ve heard so many stories of the magic that happens with a true daily creative habit – so I’m just ready to make it happen. 

I’ll be documenting the good, the bad, the ugly – every day – right here on my blog – for you all to see.

By doing this personal project publicly (Wow, was that a tongue twister?) I hope to inspire you to make the dedication to something that you believe will make you happier. Because we all deserve to live a happy fulfilling life. 

Stop waiting for happiness to find you. Take on my challenge today and start developing a habit that you know will make you happier.

And when you do, I would LOVE it if you documented the journey on your own blog, whether you are developing the same habits as me, or another of your choice. 

They say it takes 30 days of dedication to form a habit. So let’s do this together so we can cheer each other on and strive for the happy fulfilling life we were all meant to live!

If you’re joining in on the challenge, or just want to help support my “battle”, you can proudly display one of the graphics below on your own site or blog.  Please save, and link back to https://kristalnorton.com/blog/   or grab the code HERE.   

As for me, my journey starts THIS Monday. Oh My! I am so nervous, but SOOO excited!! :)

Edit July 7, 2012:

My challenge has ended, and I survived! Here are some highlights from my month long challenge:

Day 1
 – A rocky beginning, and learning about how our minds remember the negative experiences more easily than the good.
Day 3 – Scrappy Tags Tutorial!
Day 5 – Finding the key to fighting the daily grind.
Day 8 – Stressful beginner’s syndrome
Day 9 – Winning a losing battle – “staying in the moment”
Day 10 – Kids Keepsake Magnets Tutorial!
Day 17 – A shared story, my first time on a paddle board
Day 21 – A complete failure, when it all turns around
Day 27 – My advice to budding artists
After Thoughts – What I’ve learned from this project


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  1. I will be following you on your journey Kristal!!! Who knows….. maybe I will join you when I see your progress!


    • Yay! Thanks Teresa! And yes, I think you should definitely join me! Being creative every day would probably be easy for you.. I know you’re a crafting goddess anyway! ;0)

  2. Good luck on your journey ladies! Wish I could join in. Maybe next time.:) Btw, I love what you wrote in your about section. Thanks for helping me “create” my new crafty life, Marla

  3. Hi Kristal!
    WOW! I will be following, watching, and supporting your challenge,for sure! :) (as I know I can’t blog every day!!!! ) I made a pact with myself, 10 years or so ago, to do something EVERY DAY towards MY dream of leaving working and doing what I love. I’m still working at it, but now I ‘work’ doing something I am passionate about! My dad passed recently and at 78, he’d lived such a full, happy life and I couldn’t think of one regret he might have had. It made me think again about making the most of every moment as I wondered if I could say the same about me at 78!!! You look nervous in your video! Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – MOST people don’t EVER try what you’re attempting to do so you can already be proud of that! BEST OF LUCK, Pauline

    • Thank you so much for your support Pauline! Yes, I am a bit nervous! It will definitely be an amazing journey though.

      Good for you, working towards your dream everyday! Many people just think that their dreams are unreachable and don’t even try. When someone close to you passes, it really makes you take another look at your own life, doesn’t it?

  4. Mickey Davenport says

    Oh Kristal! You inspire me! What great ideas you have. I like the thought of taking a camera with you at all times! To record your thoughts at the end of each day. To focus on what you are doing in the present moment. To create something, anything, even a doodle. My Mum was 94 when she passed last year. One thing she always did before falling asleep each night, was to thank God for who she had spoken to that day. Whether it be on the phone or in person. How thoughtful! I wish you luck on your journey. I also am going to try along with you. I don’t blog, but I will try.
    Thank you!

    • Mickey, that’s what I love to hear! When I inspire someone, it makes me all warm inside! he he

      Your mom was a smart woman, and I’m sure that little ritual helped her live a happy life. You need to take that time to be grateful, otherwise, what’s the point?

      I’m so happy you decided to give the challenge a go! I’ll add your name to my list. I’m thinking of putting a link-up party on one of my posts every week. Keep a look out, so you can share with us what you’ve done or created! :)

  5. Robin Stowers says

    Hi Kristal,

    You are such a doll! Your video made me smile and I got a lump in my throat as I watched.
    I thought mainly of my sweet daugter, who is also expecting her 3rd son, YESTERDAY. She also struggles with the daily grind of being a working momma. I am going to forward the video to her so she will be inspired to try to slow down a little more and enjoy her life, husband, 3 sons and the world around her.
    Good luck in your adventure and I will be checking in with you too. I appreciate you sharing your heart with us!

    • Oh I’m so happy you enjoyed the video. Congratulations on your newest grandson to come! I hope your daughter joins in, or at least gets inspired to take in every moment; because as I’m sure you know, kids grow up FAST! My baby is already trying to walk and I am already missing that sweet little infant we brought home!

  6. Hi Kristal, I am so proud of you my dear, I remember meetin you on line so many years ago when you inspired me to start making my own primitive patterns…then you helped me publish them. You have been a constant inspiration to me over the years and I am thankful for having met you in cyberspace. You are beginning an awesome journey, remember it is about the journey, you can include your children in the creativity parr of your challenge some days, and of course they will probably be the inspiration for many of your pictures and thank yous, be kind to yourself, keep breathing, do this one day at a time, life is very short, this is an awesome project to start at your young age, God Bless you on this incredible journey, Cathryn

    • Aww thank you Cathryn! I really enjoyed helping you launch your pattern line. (Your Santas are just tooo cute!!)

      Thanks so much for your support too. I will try to keep breathing and take it slow. I know my four year old will want to jump in on the creativity fun, she asks me to paint almost everyday anyway! :)

  7. Jan Young says

    Count me in!
    We are still working on the website..will post when we go live.

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