Busy Mom VS Daily Grind – Day 21

New here and wondering what’s going on? Busy Mom VS Daily Grind is all about making the dedication to do something every day that will help you live a happier, more fulfilling life. I have committed to document my journey of developing the habits of living moment by moment, being grateful, and bringing self expression + creativity into every day. Read more about the challenge HERE.

Today was a complete failure. :( Even after making a quick creative list yesterday, I still failed to do anything creative all day. And can you believe I forgot my camera at home again!?

I’m starting to think its going to take me more than 30 days to get a hang of all this. 

I thought I was making progress in the beginning, but now I think it was just from all the excitement and gung-ho I had starting the project. Now I’m in real life, learning the ropes.

I need to figure out how this all works in real day to day life. 

Its unrealistic to think that I can create a painting or a whole project everyday. I knew that from the start, but I went in with no ideas on quick creative things I could do daily. As a result, I ended up leaving my creativity until the end of the day when I’m pooped out and need to be writing. 

I thought the creative ideas would just come to me as I went along. But it doesn’t work that way. That’s why creating a new habit is tough. You have to work hard at it in the beginning, until it becomes natural to you.

Living a fully creative life isn’t natural for me yet. I don’t always think of how cute those flowers would be as a crown, or how my leftover tinfoil would be perfect to create a sculpture, or to arrange my food into an appealing design. I want these ideas and more to just come to me naturally throughout the day. In order to make that change in my mind, I need to practice it. 

So, I’ve decided to try and give myself daily challenges to see if that helps.

Tomorrow, my challenge will be: to create a sculpture or an arrangement using objects around the house. 

Wish me luck!!

PS. Feel free to join in on the challenge too! Leave a comment here or tomorrow’s post when I share mine, with a link to yours so we all can see! :)

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