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Are you ready to travel on a path of playful self-discovery and reconnect with the wise, creative soul within you?

Is your unique voice – the one you were born with – yearning to express itself with complete freedom?

If, so, then know this: You deserve unabashed happiness. You deserve to courageously follow your dreams.

I will help you remember your true creative nature and guide you to fully embrace a rich, expressive, spontaneous life. The one you deeply desire to have.

Join us as we explore together how to ditch the daily grind, unearth our creative spirits and learn to live our most fulfilling lives. Here’s what you can do to get started:

Read, Download, & Live By the Manifesto

Loving it? Click HERE to download and print my "Fulfilling Life Manifesto", so you can hang it as a reminder to live each day to the fullest.


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Learn About my Favorite Tool: Art Journaling

Art journaling has become my number one recommendation for ditching the daily grind, fully appreciating life, and reconnecting with yourself. Never heard of it or confused as to where to begin? Well I got ya covered! Check out my mini e-course to get you started:

Art Journaling 101I've designed Art Journaling 101 to gently introduce beginners to art journaling so you can find your way with more ease and less fear. We dive into the basics such as choosing a journal, supplies, beginner’s techniques, and more. As well as talk about the obstacles you may encounter such as finding time to journal, and overcoming the fear of the blank page.

Dig in Deep with my signature ROOTS program

ROOTS - A Journey Into Transformative Art JournalingI believe you have everything you need to create a transformative art journaling practice, right inside of you. You don't need more tutorials or more supplies… what you DO need is a deep connection to your creative spirit. Join me, in a 6-week online journey towards remembering and reclaiming our creative magic and authentic Soul voice using art journaling.

Learn how to let go of judgement, transform negative self-talk, open up for self-discovery, and relearn how to create with child-like freedom as we get messy with paint, crayons, collage, and more to help you create from the Soul and watch your own style emerge.


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