5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Who am I? 5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Who am I?

I found myself asking that question a lot over the last year. While going through intensive life coach training, we were expected to answer a lot of questions about our own beliefs, patterns, and personality traits; but I found myself struggling to respond.

I felt flustered.


Who the hell am I when you strip away my titles of mother, wife, sister, daughter…

I wasn’t quite sure. The busyness of life had yet again swept me away. And when life sweeps me away, my art and personal practices are always the first to be pushed to the side, leaving me with a sense of disconnect and longing; but then I get a wake-up call like this one, reminding me to come back. Reminding me that these practices are actually the things that keep me grounded in who I am. That these are things I need to do MORE of when overwhelm strikes, not less.

Because when you know who you are, all of life’s choices become easy.

And you know what the best part is? Our truest self is always with us, in the here and now. We just get disconnected, or it gets pushed beneath the surface by pain and fear. But no matter how far we stray from our deeper self, we can always return home.

Are you ready to make that return trip? Here are 5 ways to reconnect with your true self:

5 Ways to Reconnect with Your True Self

Get out
– Take a night off and spend time with a good friend. If you’re a mom with young kids, spend time with a loved one without the kiddos (and keep the topic of kids off the table!). Taking time away from your many jobs and titles helps the real you shine through.

Get still
– Sometimes the busyness of life makes us feel like we’re going crazy. Stop all the rushing and get still for a few minutes. If you like to meditate, do yoga, pray, or have another spiritual practice… get to it! If none of these practices call to you, simply stop, put your hand on your heart, and take a deeeep breath. Taking a moment or two to pause helps us to feel grounded and to hear our heart calling to us.

Get creative
– Creative expression is a powerful (and fun!) way to connect with who you are and let it radiate outwards. A creative practice will allow you to grow, explore your heart’s path, follow your intuition, build confidence in yourself, and so much more. Art journaling especially is a great tool, as it combines creative expression and reflective journaling.

Get present
– With our lives being played out so much on the internet and in our heads, it’s a good practice to notice surroundings. Look around. Really pay attention. Perhaps get yourself out in nature. Dig your toes into the earth. Evoke your five senses.

Get clear
– Your values, desires, and passions are part of what makes you unique. When you’re feeling disconnected with yourself, take some time to reflect on what’s most important to you. That will remind you of what it is you really want in life.

What’s your favorite way of connecting with yourself? Let me know in the comments below! :)

Much love to you!!

Soul Circle CommunityP.S. If you’re yearning for more connection in your life, then I invite you to join us in the Soul Circle Community. Our circle is a monthly sisterhood to support each other in exploring the beautiful depths of who we truly are through creativity, playfulness, and connection. To be clear, this isn’t about learning more or doing more… It’s a loving container to inspire and remind you to be the curious explorer of your inner world, and to nurture your relationship to yourself. Because in this fast-paced world of today, it’s too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and constant forward movement; we need reminders to slow down and reconnect. CLICK HERE to learn more and to join us!!


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  1. Since taking your ROOTS class twice its opened up a whole world of creating- and facet of myself I hadn’t really explored!

  2. Just enjoy being me in the studio for a couple hours in the afternoons. I’m puttering and scheming then. And I do get creative. Maybe pull apart a framed piece and make it better. Maybe just play with mixed media stuff. Not always seeking finished works. I like the sun in this room the very most at from 1-3. I enjoy getting my new yellow tiger cat cozy first so I can relax, let down just like her! And she won’t mess things up. That is a bonus! I’m all alone at this time and cherish thinking about whatever happens to pop in my head. I had gotten away from this habit gradually over time in retirement. Became lazy and not purpose driven at all. But I’m enjoying a lot of what has become”mulling it over” time. Sometimes I straighten out a shelf or a supply bin and discover long forgotten gems of art materials I need to try it Spurs me in new directions. It’s just enough time. The rest of my world stays ordered. Meals arrive on the table on time and errands and chores are done well enough. Life is good!

  3. I read Marilyn’s note and thought I may have written it. Being older in life does not mean sit down and wait for something to happen it means make it happen. As she does I don’t look for a finished work, just piddling thru and seeing what happens. I get my two dogs settled then I start. Start what? start what ever I want…..just enjoy the time. The time I did not used to have but now I do. Life is good and God is good to let me enjoy it.

  4. Artists need other artists. To explore, to share ideas, to mentor. It is a form of peace. How nice to find this soul mate in Marie. You are to be admired for making a new life for yourself in private practice. A challenging step! I remember you telling us that because it was such a grand big step! You found your “clarity”.

  5. Dianna Short says

    Well, you seem to pop up in my inbox just when I need to make a change. I have been down the “rabbit hole” way too long this time and you have always been a guiding light. Journaling has always been a great escape, I just never got into the habit of taking time to have fun.

  6. I think that one of my best ways to connect with myself is by the water on a warm sunny day whether at a beach, lake, pool or whatever. I can close my eyes and hear the waves or rippling of the water and be at peace meditating for a few minutes. Very calming and relaxing

  7. I like to reconnect by disconnecting from the rush, rush, rush of the day to day. I do that a few ways. Prayer helps me focus and center my soul. I also like going to the park (during warm weather) really early or a library (when its cold) and read a book. Something in the turning of the pages as opposed to reading on my kindle forces me to clear my head, breathe in the surrounding air, usually fresh air or the scent of old books if I’m in a library, and it feels like I’ve entered into a zone outside the rat race. I also have a playlist of songs from the 70’s that bring me back to a time that to me was simpler and less “techie”.

  8. My favorite way of connecting with myself is through writing, be it in journal reflections or in the actual craft of fiction. Journaling allows me to see myself at work as I am, whereas creative writing allows me to see aspects of myself through symbolism and as mirrored in various characters.
    Another daily practice is the Ignatian method of prayer, which allows me to connect with Source in a very deep, intimate way.

  9. Susan Schroeder says

    I love to get creative, especially when I find a subject I want to paint. I am a runner, and I get in touch with my inner self every morning but one. I take Sundays off. I have an art journal, but it is just a list of my paintings and drawings, wehn started and when finished and what happened in between. :)

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