Gratitude, What’s to Come + You are Not Alone

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    Stuff I mentioned:


    • I’ll be running Roots again early next year – and it may or may not be the last time I’m running it.
    • I’m working on a payment plan for Roots this time around as requested; it should be available by the end of this month.
    • I plan to share more about budget friendly options for art journaling on my blog.
    • My coaching sessions will be available publicly soon, as I’ll be graduating next month! I hope to plan some group coaching opportunities as well.
    • I have decided NOT to incorporate business topics into my blog right now. But, for those of you who are interested in learning more about building a business, I’ll be putting together some free resources and mentorship programs.

    Thank you so much for your input, support, and for just being here. I am overflowing with gratitude and inspiration for what’s to come next year!

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      One Artist’s Journey

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        “We didn’t all come over on the same ship, but we’re all in the same boat.” ~Bernard M. Baruch

        I have been so honored to be teaching in Connie Hozvicka’s online workshop 21 Secrets this year. The women she gathered together to teach in this course are absolutely awe-inspiring! So when Connie announced she was doing a free video series where she chats with each artist, I was more than just a little excited!

        She asked each artist one question: "How has your journey as an artist unfolded over the years?". It has been amazing to see how each of us have taken such a different journey to get here, and yet we are all so very much alike. We all are – you included!

        Today, I’m joining in on the conversation with my own story. I share my experience of letting go of a successful creative business to find my own creative freedom and chat about how having less may mean having more. Click here to hop on over to Connie’s blog to listen in. I’ll see you there! :)

        P.S. If you don’t see the video when clicking on the link, click on Home then scroll down a bit.

        Wishing you continued inspiration,

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          Everything You Need is Within

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            As you saw in my story, and as so many of you have experienced for yourself, it’s easy get caught up in the excitement of art journaling – buying all the new products, delving into the infinite possibilities of techniques, and exploring how other people approach their journal.

            But art journaling doesn’t actually require those things…it’s simply a container, a method, to help you reconnect with yourself.

            Don’t get me wrong: I also love exploring with new techniques and learning from other artists; but only when I’m looking to expand my artistic skills, not when I’m stuck in my head, worrying about how my journal should look.

            We lose sight of the fact that everything we need to create meaningful art journal pages is right within us. (tweet that!)

            Everything you need is already within YOU.

            By looking within for the answers instead of outwardly, you create a safe environment to express a reflection of who you really are.

            The key is getting clear about your intention.

            What is it that you want?

            Do you desire a tool to help you dig deeper into your soul?

            Are you ready to create an art journaling practice that will help you playfully reconnect with your true creative self?

            If so, then the first step is to shift your mindset when you approach your journal. By bringing out your playful self, looking within, and creating a safe environment for expression, you are building a solid foundation for a transformative art journaling practice that can potentially change your life – which is exactly what I guide women do in my e-course ROOTS.

            It all begins with that simple shift of how you view your journal, and trusting you already have everything you need.

            With that shift, you’ll be able to tap into deeper parts of who you truly are. That’s when the magic happens: Your journal becomes a tool for self-discovery.

            So, what is one belief that you have about your journal that you can shift today to help you view it in a new light?

            Perhaps it’s a belief that every page has to be beautiful. Or that you have to finish a page when you begin it. Maybe it’s belief about needing the latest supplies before you can start journaling at all. Choose one, and re-write it. Then be sure to share it with us in the comments below.

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              How I Found Freedom in my Art Journal

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                I believe in sharing our stories because they can be so powerful in helping others see parts of themselves in them. Which is why I decided to share my own story in how I came to develop my transformative art journaling practice. I know you’ll be able to relate to at least one part of my journey; and my hope is that my story will inspire you to find your own path in art journaling instead of getting stuck comparing yourself to others.

                Hear my story, then share yours below. Where are you in your own journey? Have you found yourself stuck in a similar research trap? Or perhaps you’ve started already but aren’t so happy with your results.

                Tell us your story in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear it, and you never know who else will benefit from what you have to share.

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                  Art Journaling Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

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                    We tend to over complicate things… especially when we want to learn something new. We compare our work with others’ masterpieces and quickly feel disillusioned.

                    Our over-achieving, critical side kicks in, telling us we have to buy the best art materials and write down perfect, inspirational phrases in our journal.

                    We squash the fun-loving, curious part of ourselves that just wants to create and play with child-like freedom. The part of us that laughs, splashing paint on the page.

                    Art journaling doesn't have to be so hard

                    There’s no real need to over-think.

                    Art journaling can be as simple as giving yourself the freedom to unload your feelings, to fully express yourself.

                    You don’t need to master the arts to enjoy and benefit from art journaling.

                    Imagine using your journal as a daily practice of learning to let go.

                    Imagine releasing the need to compare yourself to others.

                    Imagine embracing your inner artist and being kind to her, rejoicing in your creative process, without worrying about the end product.


                    Do it for yourself.

                    And just begin where you are with what you have today.

                    Why make it more complicated than that?

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