…a life long journey to fight the daily grind and live a more fulfilling, creative life.

As a wife + mom of three little girls, I know how easy it is to let life just take over and lose a sense of who you are. It happened to me, and that’s when I began this amazing journey. The journey is all about discovering your true self, overcoming your fears, living clearly, fulfilling your urges to create, and most importantly its about putting yourself first + living the creative life you were meant to. Because when you feel whole + fulfilled, your family also reaps the benefits.


This site is not only a place for me to share what I have learned along the way, I also offer it as a safe meeting house for fellow travelers on the same path to commune with each other, share their experiences, pick up some guide books or journaling tools, learn new survivor skills (like overcoming the feeling of overwhelm), or to connect with me as a personal adventure guide if they really need help overcoming obstacles. Because no one likes to travel alone (especially when there’s dark scary woods where you’re likely to get lost, or worse, gulp, eaten!).

You can read more about me, my journey, and my site here, but if this already sounds like a journey you’d like to embark upon (or a journey you’ve already begun) then sign up to join us by filling in your email above. Because it’s always safer to travel in groups! (no spam, just the juicy stuff needed to help you along your journey, promise!)